Cirus IDO Whitelist

Cirus IDO Whitelist

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The Scaleswap team is pleased to have Cirus as our flagship launch as we see the big potential of Cirus Foundation and a huge market demand for bringing data management and privacy back to users. We believe that the Cirus team is capable of executing this ambitious goal and feel confident that we can make Cirus IDO a success and set the tone going forward, as Scaleswap is a premium launchpad for the best quality projects.

Cirus Foundation is running a dual IDO on both Scaleswap and Zendit. The first IDO will take place on Scaleswap, followed by Zendit shortly after. The exact time will be announced in the coming days.

Apart from the public pool where winners will be selected on a lottery basis, there will be a private pool for Cirus IDO in parallel, where backers with high ScaleSCORE ranking can earn guaranteed participation.

How to improve my ScaleSCORE? See:

Cirus IDO Token Sale Details (Public Pool)

(Exact date and time will be confirmed soon)

Token Symbol: CIRUS

Public Sale Token Allocation: 384,615 (0.15% of total supply)

Public Sale Token Price: $0.13

Max Cap Per Person: $300


Total Raise: $50K

Initial Market Cap: $200K

Cirus IDO Token Sale Details (Private Pool based on ScaleSCORE)

Date: Exact date and time will be confirmed soon

Token Symbol: CIRUS

Public Sale Token Allocation: 384,615

Public Sale Token Price: $0.13

Max Cap Per Person: $300


Total Raise: $50K

Initial Market Cap: $200K

Public Sale Whitelist & KYC Event is Live 🔥

Please note that anyone looking to participate in the Cirus token IDO will be required to complete the whitelist registration and accompanying tasks here:

  • Whitelist start date: Aug 9 at 11:30pm UTC
  • Whitelist end date: Aug 16 at 5pm UTC
  • Winners will be notified by email and provided with instructions to complete KYC

Please make sure that you send us the correct participation wallet during the Whitelisting and KYC! You will not be able to participate with any other wallet address than this!

We will run whitelisting campaign and KYC in parallel, so please keep an eye for your inbox (and spam folder)! KYC instructions will be sent out in multiple email batches. If you have previously passed KYC with Scaleswap, you don’t need to go through the process again.

Public Pool Instructions:

Simply complete as many of the tasks listed as possible here: The more tasks you complete, the more entries you will receive. You will need to do KYC after.

Private Pool (ScaleSCORE based) Instructions:

Private Pool participation is based on your ScaleSCORE. For Cirus private pool, the top 166 ScaleSCORE holders ( 50KUSD / 300 USD = 166 participants) will be able to participate for the first 15 minutes.

If the private pool is not filled within this window, we will whitelist the next 50 ScaleSCORE holders for another 15 minutes. The procedure of whitelisting will repeat every 15 minutes by whitelisting the next 50 ScaleSCORE holders until the pool is filled.

You need to join a separate whitelisting campaign here: (only need your email and wallet address). After we match your wallet with our database and confirm your qualification, you will still go through KYC process as required by law. The KYC will be one-time only, once you pass KYC, your status will remain.

Whitelist Tier System Explanation (for Private Pool):

1) Volume Private Pool / max allocation = max. Number of guaranteed participants

2) Number of guaranteed participants is chosen according to ScaleSCORE ranking.

3) We offer a 15 min window for guaranteed participation.

4) After 15 min, we start to whitelist the next top 50 ScaleSCORE holders. This action is iterative with the interval of 50 min and repeats until the pool is filled.

Please direct all questions to official Telegram discussion group:

Be Alert for Scams ⚠️

We’re in an exciting phase for the project, which potentially makes our community a target for scam attempts. Please remain diligent in protecting yourself.

⚠️ Cirus tokens are not available until the IDO takes place on xxx. If you encounter any tokens or pools claiming otherwise, do not buy them and please report it to us immediately.

⚠️ We will always make all formal announcements here:

⚠️ Scammers may attempt to impersonate Scaleswap or Cirus team members. Be wary of imposters and fake emails. Always remember that admins will NEVER initiate a DM first. We will never request funds, passwords, or private keys for any reason whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries are excluded in the public sale?

Please be aware that if you are a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or green card holder of The United State of America. You cannot participate in whitelisting. General terms and conditions apply.

How do I know if I was selected?

We will send out multiple email batches to people who are successfully whitelisted, you will need to follow KYC instructions in the email. Please keep an eye for your inbox (and spam folder just in case).

How will you discourage bots and cheating?

The whitelisting process utilizes a fraud filter to detect bots, scripts, and multiple emails from the same IP address. Additionally, whitelist entrants will be checked for: valid addresses, Telegram handles, e-mail addresses, and Twitter accounts. If any bot or manipulation attempts are detected, they will be eliminated prior to the randomized drawing.

About Cirus

Cirus is a simple, yet powerful platform that turns your data into cryptocurrency, giving you a ticket into DeFi and the limitless opportunities of Web 3.0

Cirus facilitates true ownership of your largest digital asset by enabling you to control, monetize and earn directly from your own data. Giving you ownership of your data provides passive revenue, and Cirus enables you to take that found-money into the wider digital economy.

Using data as the entry-point, Cirus is a one-step onramp to the digital economy, with simple connections into DeFi, FIAT offramps, and further earning through network infrastructure support.

  • Cirus lets you choose what data to monetize, and what to keep private
  • Revenue from monetization re-enters the ecosystem and is remitted to you via the Cirus token.
  • The Cirus device boosts earnings through enhanced data collection, leading to more powerful insights and a more valuable data-asset. It’s also a fully-featured Wifi router!
  • Cirus allows you to take your data revenue into further earning avenues, or offramp into FIAT

Click HERE for a full project overview with product descriptions, strategy, roadmap, progress, tokenomics etc

Wrapping up

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