OLDD Airdrop

OLDD Airdrop

Closed Airdrops

Welcome to OLDD official Airdrop:

Value: 158 worth OLDD

Join Bonus = $10 OLDD

Referral:e. 1$ worth OLDD (Maximum 1,000 referrals)

End Date: 29TH August 2021

Distribution Date: 30 TH August 2021

There will be 8,000 lucky winners to get this airdrop. The winners are chosen based on random possibilities but the referrals will increase the possibilities. The more referrals you have, the more possibilities you will get to win.

OLDD Airdrop bot link: https://t.me/olddairdropbot


💠 Join our Telegram channel and group
💠 Follow our Twitter and retweet the pinned pos, tag 5 friends
💠 Voting for us on Coinsnipe

☣️ By Participating you are agreeing to the OLDD Token (Airdrop) Program Terms and Conditions. Please see pinned post for more information.ā€