CryptoHunter IDO Whitelist

CryptoHunter IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

We are excited to announce $CHT token IDO

CHT token is the native currency in the game. It allows token holders to play, invest and also be part of the game. CHT is created with a vision to a prosperous in-game environment
The CHT economics has been designed to incentivize and maximize the interaction between the players and the game. For certain actions inĀ CryptoHunter, players will be rewarded
with NFT which they can sell later for $CHT
– Public Sale IDO Start:Ā 14:00 UTC, January 23, 2022
– Fund Raising Method:Ā 135 guarantee slotĀ  & FCFS for whitelist address
– Fund Amount to be Raised:Ā $150,000 on website and $150,000 on KingPad platform
– Currency:Ā BUSD
– IDO/ Listing Price:Ā $0.06
–Ā Vesting:Ā 25% released at TGE, 25% Monthly

– ListingĀ DATEĀ :Ā 15:00 UTC, January 25, 2022

Pool: 1

Guarantee Slot
–Ā Min/Max: $50 – $500 BUSD

– For top 30 user with most entry.

Pool: 2 FCFS then public

– Open to whitelist address

–Ā Allocation min: $50 max $500 per address
– Total winners:Ā  570
The more entries you get by completing the tasks and referring people, the higher your chance of winning an allocation

Click here to register

Make sure you commit your BUSD as soon as possible as fundraising method is FCFS.