Cryptomeda Exclusive IDO

Cryptomeda Exclusive IDO

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists is excited to announce Cryptomedaā€™s exclusive IDO that will take place on the 24th of August. This article gives you all the information you need to know about Cryptomeda and more!

Cryptomeda is a complete in-game ecosystem based on Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), complete with an in-game marketplace, NFT collectibles, exciting gameplay, staking, and much more.

Cryptomedaā€™s goal is to create an entertainment platform that is fun and easy to use for all levels of experience and that provides users with various opportunities to earn NFT Collectibles, and trade them on the Cryptomeda platform. The platform is backed by the native currency of Cryptomeda, called the TECH Token, which enables all the trade and commerce within the platform.


Humanity is forced to find a new planet to call home as climate change transforms the earth into a toxic wasteland, soon to be completely uninhabitable to mankind. After numerous sacrifices, humanity was guided by a strange force to a new universe called Cryptomeda, a new hope for all mankind.

Humanity discovers Cryptomedaā€™s natives in the midst of a civil war and assists them in achieving peace. They were then taught about the existence of Techodron, an invisible network energy, worshiped by the Cryptomeda ancients. With the help of the Farmers, a race of highly intellectual workers, Humans harvested Techodron and transformed it into TECH, a currency with unlimited possibilities. It is the most valuable commodity in the universe and represents the system and order within cities. TECH is a source of income, even fuel for weaponry; and if in the wrong hands, will bring great destruction to the universe.

In the game, you are one of the chosen ones in the Cryptomeda space, who is connected with the Meda energy in the universe. This connection gives you formidable powers. To get control over these powers, you have to wear a special armlet. You will be one of the Defenders of Cryptomeda sent on a mission to find and take over places on the planet where Meda energy flourishes and is available to harvest. You will strike on unknown enemies; and you have to resolve unique situations aggressively.


Cryptomeda will be building its NFT marketplace with the exciting and highly-anticipated new capabilities of Polygon, when it is slated for release in Q3 2021.

Cryptomeda intends to be the best marketplace to issue, curate, and transfer NFTs from one party to another, whilst providing users with an experience that can only be described as ā€˜enjoyable and seamlessā€™ in the long run.

Cryptomeda is a complete ecosystem based on NFTs, designed to revolutionize the traditional stressful crypto trading market, constructing a gateway for the masses into the world of crypto assets.

Unlike the traditional stressful crypto trading market, Cryptomeda aims to create a simple, fun, and entertaining platform of NFT collectibles that attracts mainstream adoption. Unforgettable events and characters from the real world are reshaped into a fantasy story and the most important elements of the story are animated on rare collectible cards. All the collectibles are cryptographically unique, non-fungible, and immutably stored on the distributed ledger.


TECH Tokens are the native currency of the Cryptomeda platform and are based on ERC20 token protocols. Developing with ERC-20 makes it highly diverse and easy to shift interdomain. This diversity enables compatibility with multiple

wallets and platforms as well. Thanks to the ERC-20 protocol, Cryptomeda will be powered by Polygon, the layer-2 network solution for scalability and interoperability. The Polygon platform is designed for one of the fastest growing economies on the planet; gaming. Built-in support with Polygon enables Cryptomeda to scale to tens of thousands of transactions per second, creating near-instant transactions while steeply and dramatically decreasing transaction fees, which will become nil, as Cryptomeda covers them.


The staking mechanism allows stakers to earn rewards for providing liquidity and ensuring network security. 20% of the total token supply is allocated for staking rewards which will be distributed over a two year period.

There will be two pools; namely:

The Standard Staking pool (30% reward pool): based on the Proof of stake algorithm which rewards stake based on the amount of token staked.

The Liquidity Staking pool ( 70% reward pool ): provides diverse chances to earn rewards. Aside from the normal LP (ETH/TECH) reward from the DEX (QUICKSWAP), LP stakers tend to earn more TECH tokens as staking reward.

Although both pools will be open endlessly it will be initially locked up for two months. Rewards in the standard staking pool will be distributed weekly and will be automatically added to the staked balance allowing for further compounding interest. This mechanism will help stakers increase their earnings.


EXCLUSIVE IDO (the public tokens round will only be held at

Token type: ERC 20

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Allocation: 280K $

Vesting: 50% at TGE & 50% 1 month later
Token price: 0.014 $

IDO Date: 24th of August

P.S. The IDO participation will be held through BSC network and sent as ERC20 to your wallets since the addresses of BSC and ETH are the same.


Ecosystem & Community: 30% (36months vesting period after TGE)

Development: 26% (36m vesting period + 1month lockup)

Token Sale: 24%

  • Seed Round: 4% (12m linear vesting)
  • Private Round: 18% (10% on TGE + 7m linear vesting)
  • Public Round: 2% (50 TGE + 1m 50%)

Founders: 10% (6m cliff + 30m vesting)

Team: 4% (6m cliff + 36m vesting)

Advisors 4% (6m cliff + 30m vesting)

DEX Liquidity: 2% (4 Years lock)



For more info on Martin Jerabek, click here

For more info on Dusan Trizuliak, click here

Cryptomeda successfully raised $2.47 million in the strategic funding round which was led by AU21 Capital, x21, and Metrix Capital from notable partners, global funds, and communities.

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