DeFi11 IDO Whitelist

DeFi11 IDO Whitelist

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We are proud to announce that DeFi11 — the first-ever DeFi fully decentralised gaming project for fantasy sports and NFT gaming will hold the $D11 IDO on Red Kite launchpad this September.

Introduction about DeFi11

DeFi11 is the initial DeFi decentralized gaming ecosystem worldwide for fantasy sports, NFT gaming, and P2P predictions. It focuses on decentralizing the virtual sports industry and generating a scam-proof platform for players.

The DeFi11’s token is $D11 — an ERC-20 integrated token that can work for various games in the DeFi11 ecosystem. Players can use them to pay contest fees, purchase assets, redeem rewards, and so on into a $D11 token for fiat swap or redemption.

Why DeFi11?

At DeFi11, gamers no longer need to worry about fraud and lack of transparency while experiencing applications. DeFi11 team frequently comes up with innovative solutions for the best-decentralized applications, such as creation of dummy winners, manipulation of game data, and unaccountable distribution of reward pool amount. Moreover, the problems about gamer anonymity and misuse of information by employees are improved.

Highlight Features of DeFi’s $D11

DeFi11 is proud to enable the player community the best experience to immerse themselves into it. DeFi will provide each player with outstanding features of $D11:

Enable Players to Receive Discount

Once players spend $D11 tokens for in-game activities, an x% discount for trading payment or incentives for redeeming game items will be given. If players redeem an asset into fiat, they will receive the exact value of that item. However, when they do with $D11 tokens, the whole benefit along with an x% cash point will be given back.

Additional Incentives to Gain

On reaching a particular amount of time daily in the game, gamers are rewarded with loyalty points in $D11 tokens via airdrop or Direct Token Transfer. They are eligible to pay added fees or purchase more items. Besides, gamers have the right to convert the same into fiat from their wallet.

Used as A Lock-Up Token

Gamers can use $D11 tokens as lock-up tokens to stake and collect points for contest participation and prediction contracts within the gaming system. Thus, they can experience the games freely and keep tokens for later use.

DeFi11 will hold the IDO for $D11 on the Red Kite on the 20th of September, 2021. The information about whitelist registration and the detailed IDO schedule will be announced soon.

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