Eagle Finance Airdrop

Eagle Finance Airdrop

Closed Airdrops

Eagle Finance Airdrop is now live! Please do the required tasks to be eligible to get airdrop tokens.

🔹 1 EAGLE = 0.5 USD
🔸 For Joining – Get 100 EAGLE
⭐️ For each referral – Get 2.4 EAGLE

📘By Participating you are agreeing to the Eagle Finance (Airdrop) Program Terms and Conditions. Please see pinned post for more information.

Bot link: https://t.co/cM1yuOZUc0?amp=1

Total to earn per participant (if you complete all the tasks) = 100 EAGLE
🔹 Per referral = 2.4 EAGLE

📢 Airdrop Rules

✏️ Mandatory Tasks:
🔹 Join our Telegram group (http://t.me/EagleFinanceChat)
🔹 Join our Telegram Channel (http://t.me/EagleFinanceNews)
🔹 Follow our Twitter (https://twitter.com/EagleFinanceOff) page
🔹 Retweet Pinned Tweet (https://twitter.com/EagleFinanceOff/status/1401290449420099587?s=19), Comment & Tag 3 Friend

🔹Submit BSC (BEP-20) Wallet Address and Details.