FantomStarter Public Sale Whitelist

FantomStarter Public Sale Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Today, we proudly announce another important milestone towards the much anticipated FantomStarter Public Sale.

We are officially announcing that the FantomStarter Public Sale Whitelist Competition has started! In this article, we will answer the most asked questions regarding the Gleam competition and inform the community of the steps required to complete the whitelisting process.

We had hinted earlier that the Gleam app would be used for our whitelisting process. Take your time to read the competition guidelines.

This guide will provide every opportunity for you to become a winner!

Key points to browse:

– Competition information
– Step by step Gleam mission guide
– Bonus Stage (earning more by doing more)
– Whitelist winner flow
– Airdrop #1
– FAQs

Before we start, a word from one of our Co-founder, Maxie:

Make sure you read this document before you begin the mission. Take your time reading everything very carefully. If you want to win our Public Sale Whitelist, you can, there is no rush!”

Competition Information


When: 15th September 16:00 UTC until 22nd 16:00 UTC (end date may be extended due to unexpected circumstances)

Number of Winners: 456
Prize: 1x FantomStarter Public Sale Whitelist (for each person)
How: We will notify all the winners via email

Step-By-Step Gleam Mission Guide

The Gleam app will verify every mission you accomplish and provide allocated points associated with each of the tasks/missions.

The following steps are provided below as a guide but in order to count, they must be done inside the Gleam app.

First, click on the Gleam link here.

  • Step 1. To add your user details log in using either Email, Google, or a Twitter account
  • Step 2. Follow FantomStarter’s Twitter account @fantomstarter (1 point)
  • Step 3. Retweet the official FantomStarter competition tweet provided in Gleam. (1 point)
  • Step 4. Tweet what you think about FantomStarter and use the hashtags #fantomstarter #fantomstarterwhitelistcompetition (1 point)
  • Step 5. Subscribe to FantomStarter’s newsletter here (1 point)
  • Step 6. Subscribe to FantomStarter’s Medium page (1 point)
  • Step 7. Join our Telegram main chat(1 point)
  • Step 8. Provide your Fantom Wallet Address (1 point)
  • Step 9. Bonus Stage (details below)

Bonus Stage (earning more by doing more)

Now that we’ve gone through the basics, this is where it really counts! Just like the title says, the bonus stage is a reward for people who want to do more to support FantomStarter and therefore an opportunity to earn more!

*it’s not mandatory, but it will help you get a higher chance to win a whitelist!

Bonus Stage consists of three 3 types of submission:

Step 10. Daily Proof of Creativity (1 point)
Participants may submit their meme creation or any kind of image artwork daily. Every submission will count as 1 point.

Step 11. Proof of Video (4 points)
Participants may submit their video creation of Fantomstarter shills, movies, animation, and dance.

Step 12. Proof of Writing (4 points)
Participants may submit their URL link to an article or blog about Fantomstarter, it could also be an advertisement pinned on telegram/discord group. Please write an honest review about your experience to date with FantomStarter.

And that’s the end of the Fantomstarter’s Gleam competition step-by-step guide. Good luck!

Typography (best practice)

  • Font: Jeko Paragraph: Neuzeit Office Pro
  • Grey scales: #F3F3F3 — Light grey #333C4A — Grey #0C1727 — Blue Black #1B064A — Dark Purple
  • Bold color: #765CDE — Purple #DF73EC — Pink #FCBA57 — Yellow #3AB8FE — Blue
  • Faded colors: #BAADEE — Faded purple #EFB9F5 — Faded pink #FDDCAB — Faded yellow #498AE8 Faded Blue FantomStarter

Whitelist Winner Flow

After the competition ends, the 456 winners will have to create a Fractal ID and KYC. If they can’t complete KYC within the limited time period (more details will be announced), then their whitelist spot will be given to the runner-up next in line to the winners (with the highest competition points).

NOTE: If you have a verified (meaning you have previously used to KYC) then you are eligible for the public sale and no further KYC is needed. provides a one-time verification process and it will apply even with FantomStarter’s future projects.

Airdrop #1

The participants of FantomStarter Public Sale Whitelist Competition are eligible for airdrop #1. If you reach a minimum of 8 Points and provide your FTM address, you have a chance to win.

The airdrop consists of 0.2% of FantomStarter’s token supply, which is 2,000,000 FS Tokens, to be distributed evenly amongst all eligible winners.

The airdrop will be distributed 35 days after the TGE event/ launch (if everything goes smoothly).

There are no KYC restrictions regarding Airdrop #1. All participants are eligible for this airdrop.


Question: How long does the Gleam competition last?
Answer: It starts on the 15th September at 16:00 UTC and ends on the 22nd September at 16:00 UTC. (End date may be extended due to unexpected circumstances)

Question: What is a bonus stage?
Answer: It’s for people who really want to win the whitelist and are willing to go the extra mile to win!

Question: How do I set up a Fantom Wallet?
Answer: Go to, search for Fantom Opera and then click on “Connect Wallet”, approve and you’re done!

Question: How do I participate in the competition?
Answer: Link to Gleam

Question: How do I know if I have won the competition?
Answer: We will notify/ announce all the winners by posting addresses, and via email.

Question: Do I need to KYC to participate in the competition?
Answer: No, you can participate without KYC

Question: Do the winners of the competition need to conduct KYC to participate in the Public Sale later?
Answer: Yes, winners who have won a whitelist spot and want to participate in the public sale will need to provide KYC on our website through the portal. (if you already have a and your country is not on the restricted list then you are eligible in the Public Sale)

Question: Which countries are restricted to participate in the FantomStarter Public Sale?
Answer: Residents of the United States, China, North Korea or any jurisdictions where sanctions are in place include the Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Côte D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.

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