Faraland IDO Whitelist

Faraland IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

fter countless hours spent perfecting our product, we are excited to launch a first NFT project through the BSClaunch platform .As we step closer toward the Faraland IDO, it’s about time to share with you all the details about BSClaunch whitelisting process.


  • Whitelist opening: 12:00 PM (UTC), June 4, 2021
  • Whitelist closing: 23:00 PM (UTC), June 10, 2021

Terms of Participation

*Being whitelisted does not guarantee that you will receive tokens, you must participate on the BSClaunch platform and purchase tokens before they are sold out (FCFS — first come, first serve).

Number of winners and Prize pool

All members who are holding at least 500$BSL and completing our simple tasks are whitelisted. To learn more about our holding mechanism, please refer here: BSClaunch IDO mechanism

$FARA Public Sale Details:

Faraland Public Sale Details
  • Public sale contributions will be taken in BNB
  • 1,000,000 FARA Tokens Available
  • 1 FARA = 0.18$
  • $80,000 worth of FARA
  • Total supply = 100,000,000 FARA Tokens
  • Individual minimum = $100 | Individual maximum = $400.
  • Public Sale Release Schedule: 50% at TGE, 25% for the second month and the next 25% for the third month.
  • Sale Type: FCFS (First come, first serve)


Farland aims to bring a unique turn-based RPG-style gaming experience to its users through a beautifully designed interface and amazing ecosystem. Players can collect, trade and upgrade heroes, equipment and pets as well as join guilds, complete missions, and farm resources. Other features include PVP duelling and conquering high-level bosses to earn impressive rewards. Players will also be able to try their luck at winning rare equipment through the platform’s very lucrative Gacha feature.

The Faraland team is highly skilled in game development and blockchain, headed by Nguyen Tuan Hung of Moon Knight Labs. Their adept team of artists and developers bring more than 10 years of experience to the project ensuring that they have the fundamentals needed to be successful in the space. Faraland aims to be a community-based game that is both fun for its users and lucrative for investors; merging the two different yet complementary worlds of NFTs and gaming.


BSClaunch is a new and promising Binance Smart Chain-based investment platform, which will enable the most innovative projects to raise start-up capital. The platform will give projects a strong foundation to develop and prosper in a decentralized environment, while also giving investors access to exclusive early-stage projects. We empower our community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity. To learn more about BSClaunch, refer to our documentation portal.


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