Idexo IDO Whitelist

Idexo IDO Whitelist

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Idexo, the NFT API project that brought us the first ever way to mint NFTs on Telegram and Twitter has announced that they will collaborate with the Samurai Launchpad for their $IDO token offering on 5th August 14:00 UTC — 6th August 14:00 UTC, prior to the Uniswap listing. The $IDO token is being offered on the Samurai Platform with a total allocation of $500,000 USD for the CyberFi/Samurai Community.

Whitelisting opens: 27th July 10:00 UTC — Fill the whitelist form HERE.

Samurai Launchpad IDO: 5th August 14:00 UTC — 6th August 14:00 UTC

Listing & Token Generation Event: August 7th 14:00 UTC

Full details under IDO Schedule in this Article.

IDEXO In The Spotlight:

Idexo has one clear mission: to make developers’ lives more comfortable, so they can focus on building top notch web3 applications. It does so by bringing plug-and-play solutions to the application developer’s table, resulting in a simpler developer experience on any blockchain.

Idexo provides the easiest way to integrate different blockchain features in your application.

To have one SDK (Software Development Kit) that covers all blockchains is the holy grail for many developers; and this is it. From the beginning, idexo has taken an experience first approach to ensure excellent products.

The Idexo community has achieved massive growth along the way. It’s Telegram group grew from 400 members in April to over 29,000 in June. It did this in large part due to special NFT programs that were created using the Idexo Platform API that made it possible to mint NFTs on Telegram and Twitter.

Idexo recently bundled what it learned about growing community into its newly-released Community Development Kit that will help any other project plan, deliver and manage such growth, including tools for launching and managing early adopter and competition NFTs as well as managing ambassador programs.

Idexo values simplicity and fun, and wants to empower creative individuals to build great industry-disrupting applications by simplifying complexity in two key areas, as CEO/CTO Greg Marlin explains:

(1) Technicality:
We wrap the technologies of various blockchains into a simple API (Application Programming Interface) that you can use to access key blockchain features in small lines of code, accessible with an API key. This allows projects to focus on building their applications right away.

(2) Economic issues:
Our engine handles all the gas transactions with the underlying blockchains using those native tokens. Our customers only need to buy Compute Credits from us, and we give them predictable purchasing power for those transactions, meaning they don’t need to worry about token currency fluctuations and can build reliable business models.

If you want to build an application that for example allows users to create NFTs, then you would simply need to build a front-end user interface and connect it to the Idexo SDK, using your API key. More information can be found within and

Furthermore, Idexo is releasing ‘drop-in’ front-end utilities viewable in its that will further simplify the development process by presenting entire blocks of code that combine both front-end and back-end together.

Idexo ($IDO) Token

Idexo tokens are designed to give the community a voice in product decisions and be rewarded for making the decisions that help the project move forward in successful ways.

· A clever use of staking to align incentives and commitment to the project. In addition to rewards, staking results in the receipt of stakeTokens that can be used for voting on initiatives and gaining product discounts and free access.

· Compute Credit is the grease for the wheels of the ecosystem.

· On the front end, everything is easy-to-use & easy-to-understand.

· On the back end, rapid development is supported through plug-and-play.

· Once again, the predictability of input costs is a major advantage of the Compute Credit. It takes away the uncertainty of fluctuations (when for instance minting an NFT, both Binance & Arweave tokens fluctuate… to name just two).

Compute Credit

When a customer makes a call using their API key, the engine first checks that their Compute Credit balance is sufficient to perform the transaction. It then performs the transaction, deducting the compute credit from the customer’s balance.

Though ownership models must carefully be considered, the advantage of working this way is simple: it takes away the complexity of blockchain towards the clients and their respective users. The user doesn’t need to know anything about wallets, addresses and how to set those up. Any individual can get started right away and take full advantage of efficient blockchain features.


· Token utility: Ability to stake $IDO in general as well as directional staking pools to guide the development of Idexo. These receive shares of fees generated by the project either in general (all activities) or directionally (specific products or activities). When staking $IDO in pools a user receives stakeTokens which are used to gain special access and discounts, as well as for voting on different initiatives and governance.

· Total supply: 100 M

· Initial circulating supply: 4.1 M

· Initial Market Cap: $2.05 M

· Allocation percentages with vesting:

Pre-seed: 10% (24-month vesting)

Team: 20% (36-month vesting with 6-month cliff)

Advisors: 4% (24-month vesting)

Pre-sale 1: 5.5% (9-month vesting)

Pre-sale 2: 8.9% (9-month vesting)

Pre-sale 3: 2.2% (9-month vesting)

Public sale: 1% (3-month vesting)

Community Incentives 1: 3% (6-month vesting)

Community Incentives 2: 5% (24-month vesting)

Foundation: 40.5% (84-month vesting)

· Contract address: TBD

The Idexo Team

One of Idexo’s big strengths is its dedicated team. They are now an 8 member team, five of whom are developers (all full-stack) and so are able to quickly move from idea to working product.

Greg Marlin, Founder/CEO/CTO. Before blockchain Greg founded an impressive array of companies, including a Saas company that he grew from 0 to $1M/yr in recurring revenue from customers such as, UN World Food Program and many large companies that used his software to plan their content marketing. Upon entering the blockchain industry Greg focused on being a lead developer and CTO for different blockchain projects.

Co-founder Helder is an expert at building scalable and reliable systems, having previously worked as a Senior Reliability Engineer at a Tech Unicorn, amassing many years of experience along the way.

The strong team means Idexo technology infrastructure integrates advanced automation and reliability features, creating a strong foundation upon for building innovative products, without sacrificing scalability and functionality.

“We are excited to be working with Samurai on our launch. Samurai is known in the industry for attracting long-term community-minded people to their launches — which is a very good fit for idexo.” Greg Marlin, CEO/CTO Idexo.


The Idexo-team is focused on five main areas:

(1) TGE — Imminent. The token audit has been completed by Certik:, with the contract already launched on testnet. The staking and vesting contracts are also ready and are currently being audited by Certik. The team will be integrating dashboards for tracking and claiming both the vesting and staking products, as well as the voting interface for stakeToken voting.

(2) SaaS product at This provides interfaces for managing your Compute Credits, as well as features for the community such as validating their Early Adopter NFT and interacting with different NFT features, and in the near future will also provide examples of drop-in front-end utilities.

(3) Community Development Kit: A suite of tools that help projects grow their community.

(4) New integration(s): Integrating new blockchains to the SDK / API such as Solana, Tezos and many more, based on community / customer demand.

(5) Compute Credit Decentralization: This summer will see Idexo begin the process of decentralizing the Compute Credit model.

The team has already built out the back-end engine that powers the API and integrates with key blockchains such as Arweave, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon. This has enabled innovations such as creating an NFT on Arweave and BSC with one line of code, as well as the Idexobot NFT minter in Telegram. They have also built out the SaaS product.

The NFT Telegram bot is a world first: Idexo’s users can create an NFT with a single bot command in the Telegram group

Partners and Integrations

Already integrated: Arweave, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche. Solana and Tezos are next on the list, with several more in the pipeline. The Idexo team would like to mention they did receive a grant from Arweave in the early stages of development and they are grateful for that.

For more updates and announcements, please check the official Idexo Twitter.

Useful Links

o Whitepaper:

o Website:

o Twitter:

o Telegram:

o Github:

Participation & Allocation:

· Samurai participants will have access via a Ticket Lottery System. Winners of the Lottery will have a Guaranteed Allocation in the Idexo IDO.

· Participation is based on the following criteria: $CFi Staked or $CFi Liquidity Pool Tokens Staked.

· Users can stake $CFI at

· Lottery Ticket System has 5 Ticket Tiers. The more CFI Staked, the more tickets you receive. The higher your chances at winning an allocation.

The all-powerful sixth tier always wins in the lottery — allocation is guaranteed. The Samurai Omiyage for Idexo will be $200 — with the option to purchase a full additional allocation.

You can read more about the Cyberfi Samurai Tier System here. 🐲

· Applicants to participate on the Idexo Samurai IDO can begin the whitelisting process on 27th July 10:00 UTC.

· Fill the whitelist form HERE.

Lottery Ticket System:

· There will be a random drawing for a total allocations capped at $500,000. The allocation per participant will be at least 500$. The more entries you have, the higher your chance of being selected (see table above). If any amount has not been claimed, the Samurai Fund will buy this remaining amount.

· Each person can only win once per project. KYC verification is required, and jurisdictional restrictions apply. Ticket winners will be sent an email to complete KYC or provided link on Telegram.

· We will publish a document with the Whitelisted Wallet Addresses. Users can review the document to find their Ethereum Address which will provide them a guaranteed Allocation of $500 USD or more (depending on the final decision before the IDO).

· Upon successful participation, $IDO Tokens will be claimable by each participant’s Ethereum Address 15 Minutes after Launch.

· Samurai Website:

Secure Launch Process:

To ensure a smooth launch on Samurai, Idexo has agreed to:

1. Have their domain fully SSL certified one week prior to token sale date.

2. Have their domain protected by Cloudfront.

3. Disclose the vesting schedule of all tokens, including team, strategic investors, private presale, influencers, etc.

4. Add no less than $100,000 of ETH liquidity on Uniswap immediately upon listing.

5. Allow users to claim the $IDO Tokens on the Samurai Launchpad.

6. Vesting Contracts audited by Certik.

7. Have at least one community moderator on each social platform (Discord, Telegram, etc.) actively available 24 hours a day for the first 7 days following the launch on Uniswap.

IDO Schedule:

· Whitelist Open: 27th July 10:00 UTC

· Whitelist Close: 2nd August 14:00 UTC

· Whitelist Winners Announcement: 3rd August 14:00 UTC

· KYC Opens: 3rd August 14:00 UTC

· KYC Closes: 4th August 14:00 UTC

· Participation: 5th August 14:00 UTC — 6th August 14:00 UTC.

· Token Generation Event: Immediately Prior to IDO

· Uniswap Listing: 7th August 14:00 UTC

· Samurai $IDO Token Claim: 7th August 14:15 UTC.

· Samurai platform:

· Idexo Website:

About Samurai:

Samurai by CyberFi is a full suite Decentralized Cross-Chain Crowdfunding Launchpad & Stakepad built for the evolution of Defi.

CyberFi Website:

Samurai Website:



$CFi on CoinGecko

🦄 Buy $CFi on Uniswap

Important Notes:

· Ethereum Address must match on all application forms and KYC documents. Ethereum Address must NOT be an exchange wallet. Failure to provide the correct Ethereum address or providing an exchange wallet will result is disqualification or void any application. No changes can be made.

· Each wallet MUST meet the minimum $CFI Token requirements. We will be taking snapshots of wallets and verifying this information.

· Each user MUST Complete all requirements listed above.

· In cases of data discrepancies, Samurai has the right to void, refuse, or disqualify a user.

· Samurai will provide the contract address for Idexo upon TGE.

· We will never PM you first, or prompt you for your private keys.

· Email correspondence will be done via official email addresses. ( &/or

· KYC is at the discrepancy of each project, restricted countries is based on KYC/AML Laws applicable to the country of company incorporation. US and Canada are not allowed.