Jigen IDO Whitelist

Jigen IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Astronaut is proud to announce the IDO for Jigen taking place on Janurary 19th at 3PM UTC!

ATTENTION: The Jigen IDO will require to KYC — this information is not shared anywhere or disclosed and is the process for many launchpads. We will KYC our launchpad participants. The process is very safe and is protected in a unaccessible database.

KYC LINK: https://verify-with.blockpass.org/?clientId=astronaut_2dd26&serviceName=JIGEN%20KYC&env=prod

“The first NFT gateway for fashion and luxury items in the metaverse and gaming ecosystem”

Jigen solves multiple brand and user problems including the need to reach a younger generation, counterfeiting, and high barrier of entry for blockchain technology. Some user problems include a time consuming process to trade real items, lack of utility for NFT’s with no tangible backing, and unfair expensive and outdating minting.

By backing an NFT you get to digitize and track the entire lifecycle of an item, unlock a new liquidity market for fashion and luxury items on the blockchain, and bring your wearables into the metaverse.

Our mission is to bring to market NFT’s designed by famous brands for metaverse and gaming ecosystems, technical blockchain support and professional fashion design support.

With a cross chain ecosystem through Scotty beam you can access these NFT’s anywhere and everywhere. You can trade your NFT’s, claim them as physical items or just flex them in the metaverse.

Jigen Tokenomics:

Please read the below information for the vesting schedule.

Astronaut x Jigen IDO Information:

🚨Astronaut will be launching Jigen on January 19th at 3PM UTC🚨


👉WHITELIST giveaway HERE [TBA]. You don’t need to hold NAUT if you win. This is for the whitelist round.

👉If you didn’t win a whitelist spot, you must hold 1000 NAUT to participate in Round 2 of the IDO.

💰Jigen Astronaut Raise Amount: $40,000

💰Max Contribution: $150

👉Minimum contribution per wallet: No minumum

👉$JIG per BUSD (IDO): $0.09 BUSD

🦺 Vesting: 25% TGE, 25% monthly





💁‍♂️Buy 1045 NAUT, you will receive ~1000 NAUT in wallet. (4% are BURNT every time you buy/sell.) Keep those NAUT in your wallet until you claim your $JIG.

💰CLAIMING & LISTING will happen simultaneously at [exact time TBA]. $JIG will be listed on PANCAKESWAP.

⚠️Claiming will be open on the same page you bought (please claim your tokens within 1 week of the IDO)


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Jigen IGO Whitelist on GameStation

Luxury NFTs for the Metaverse

In this article, you will learn more about Jigen which launches on December 28th on GameStation.


Dear Gamers!

We have been working behind the scenes for a while to bring Jigen to you. That’s because Jigen is the first NFT gateway for Fashion and Luxury items in the metaverse and gaming ecosystem.

The Jigen team recognizes that there are three Brand problems out there. First, the need to reach younger generations. Secondly, that counterfeiting is a major issue for luxury items. And third, that there is a high barrier to entry to blockchain technologies.

They also focus on solving user-related problems like the time-consuming process to trade real items, lack of utilities for NFTs with no tangible backing assets, and unfair, expensive, and outdated minting methods for traditional NFT drops.

Jigens Solutions to these problems:

  • Provide Custom NFT Works for companies and projects
  • Create exclusive NFT drops through their Launchpad
  • And produce Brand Building through Jigen

Jigen is using a cross-chain ecosystem by adopting a multi-chain approach to deliver fast and cheap transactions. And their NFTs can be minted and swapped between all EVM compatible chains. They have also partnered with Scotty Beam.

Token Utility:

Jigen ($JIG) is a core element of their ecosystem. It empowers their community in three different ways:

Exclusive access: Based on the number of tokens held, holders will get exclusive access and privileges within the platform.

Staking: Token holders will become eligible for our calculated rewards by staking and farming $JIG, helping to reduce circulating supply and promote sustainable token growth.

Governance: $JIG holders will be able to vote for ecosystem initiatives and new feature developments. They will also take part in the creation process, voting for their favorite designs, artists, and brands.

Finally, 60% of all fees collected from each NFT trade on the secondary markets are used for $JIG buyback and burns.

Jigen Socials:

Website: https://jigen.app

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jigenapp

Telegram: https://t.me/jigenapp

How to Participate:

For this IGO, GameStation will use the Tier System published here.

To receive a guaranteed allocation, you will need to be among the top 420 stakers.

You have to stake on app.mantradao.com/staking

Here is a tutorial to stake on MANTRADAO.

Staking Leaderboard: https://polygonscan.com/token/0xd1ecdc553651dab068486d9c4d066ecdc614416e#balances

Project Key Metrics:

Ticker: $JIG
Snapshot: Monday, December 27th at 11:59 PM UTC

GameStation Public Allocation: $100,000
Network: Polygon
Currency: USDC
IDO Price $JIG= $0.09
Top 420/FCFS/Lottery Round Start Time: December 28 2021 16:00 UTC Top 420/FCFS/Lottery Round End Time: December 29 2021 04:00 UTC (12 hours)

Initial Market Cap: $247,500
Total Supply $JIG: 100,000,000
Vesting Schedule (Public): 20% TGE, 1-month cliff, rest linearly over 5 months
TGE Date and Hour: December 29 1530 UTC by GameStation

About GameStation

GameStation is a multi-chain community-oriented gaming incubator and launchpad. We are adding a gamification layer to the launchpad to make it easier and more fun for gamers to participate and invest in innovative games. GameStation will also allow users access to an NFT marketplace where they can buy and sell in-game items easily. Finally, the community is at the center of GameStation, and gamers will have the opportunity to create social events and tournaments.

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