GT-Protocol IDO Whitelist

GT-Protocol IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Dear GTP community,

We at GT-Protocol are so thrilled to announce the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) of GTP token.

GTP offering is as part of our product development and extension. This is a significant step to provide the market participants with the opportunity to get GTP utility token that will unite all elements of the GTP ecosystem into a single whole. GTP token provides a wide variety of utilities and benefits for token holders like holding, staking, farming GTPs and also using GTP utilities within the products .

GT-Protocol IDO round

Pitch Deck: link
IDO date:
 January 2022
IDO platforms: Poolz, ScaleSwap, NFTb, Excavo.Finance and other platforms.
GT-Protocol IDO sale will take a place on 5+ IDO platforms. Each IDO platform will be announced in a separate Medium post and in our socials.
Token network: Binance Smart Chain
DEX listing: PancakeSwap

GT-Protocol Community round

Community members have chance to win allocation in the GLEAM WHITELIST COMPETITION

Total round : 100,000 USDT
Allocation size for 1 participant: 
200 USDT
Total number of winners: 500
–¬†50 allocations¬†are reserved for TOP referrals with the higher entries number.
–¬†450 winners¬†will be chosen randomly from all participants list


  1. Follow gleam link.
  2. Complete tasks. Twitter and Telegram tasks are mandatory.
  3. Every task counts. More entries you earn ‚ÄĒ more chances you have to win.
  4. For each referred friend you will get additional +30 entries.
  5. Winners will get further instruction on how to proceed with the process shortly after the campaign through email.

$10 AirDrop: Join GLEAM AirDrop COMPETITION to claim $10 free GTP tokens.

IDO Community Round Whitelist:: Join GLEAM WHITELIST COMPETITION to Win $200 allocation in Community round.

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About GT-Protocol

GT-Protocol is a multichain protocol for DeFi investment pools management & decentralized copy trading on DEX platform.

Our technology is a decentralized, transparent and secure solution which allows any entity/person to create a DeFi smart-contract pool for collecting funds and cooperation with investors on profit-sharing base model.

Investors get an access to on-chain P&L pools rating and the option to join any pool via MetaMask.

Investors funds are securely protected by the smart-contract which is transparently managed by a pool owner on DeFi markets without funds withdrawal possibility.

In GT-Protocol are interested:

  • investors (to participate in pools)
  • professional traders (to create copy trading pools)
  • professional investors (to create portfolio management pools & yield farming pools)
  • VCs (to collect funds from investors with further funds management of DeFi markets)
  • GameFi guilds (to gain liquidity for NFT purchasing and scholarship providing)
  • KOLs and influencers (IDO pools collecting)
  • any other entity/person which performs profitable activity on DeFi market (trading, portfolio investment, nft investment, yield farming, ido investment, crypto games scholarship guilds).

MVP success and the partnership with Binance

GT-Protocol MVP is a marketplace for centralized copy trading for CEX exchanges.
After the launch we became an official partner and broker of the Binance exchange.

The project’s audience has grown from 300 to 25,000 users since launch mostly because of word-of-mouth viral spreading. People like the product and they spread the word about it to friends.

That was the factor that showed us that the product is essential for the market. Also it was performing as interesting and profitable for users. Auditory is satisfied with the product as it provides an opportunity for passive online earnings for their crypto investments.

Isn‚Äôt it amazing when you wake up and see a report in telegrams that your trader completed seven trades overnight for you and you made a profit from it, despite the fact that you did nothing, you were just asleep?¬†Basically, we provide users with the ¬ęMake Money¬Ľ button.

MVP is available at

Note: Keep in mind that MVP is a CEX copy trading platform.

Same time we build a solution for DeFi market ‚ÄĒ a multichain protocol for DeFI pools management & DEX copy trading . So both DeFI and CEX product will be part of GTP ecosystem.

Thank you for staying with us and heading into the new decentralized future! Follow our official socials to stay in touch with upcoming changes.

The new protocol and ecosystem site is available at ‚ÄĒ¬†

The MVP (CEX copy trading platform) is accessible via the link ‚ÄĒ¬†

$10 AirDrop: Join GLEAM AirDrop COMPETITION to claim $10 free GTP tokens.

IDO Community Round Whitelist:: Join GLEAM WHITELIST COMPETITION to Win $200 allocation in Community round.

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