Kingdom Karnage IDO Whitelist

Kingdom Karnage IDO Whitelist

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The first month of the new year witnesses various hot IDO events, one of which is the launch of the trading card game Kingdom Karnage’s tokens: $KKT. With cross-platform playing functionality and multiple game modes, it is affirmative for players to expect a marvelous experience from Kingdom Karnage. Let’s find out more about the game in this article.

Kingdom Karnage is a strategy turn-based, animated combat NFT game that supports cross-platform play on Browser, Google, and Steam. The game is simple to play, yet hard to master. Each player possesses an army of up to 30 cards, and the mission is to sabotage the enemy heroes’ health before they prevail and win.

Besides letting users play across multiple platforms, Kingdom Karnage offers various game modes: Campaigns, PvP, Multi-players Dungeons, Catacombs, King of Karnage, Seasonal Events. Users can choose suitable game modes to earn $KTT while playing, as each game mode is designed to help them enhance specific game mechanics.

Simultaneously enjoying the game, players can earn rewards such as in-game currencies, character cards, and more. These items play vital roles not only as virtual assets but also as NFTs. Moreover, players can upgrade their characters using these NFTs infused with Enjin Coin. As the team introduces, acquired NFTs can be traded on the Enjin Jumpnet Marketplace immediately, or players can look forward to listing them on the in-game Auction house where they can put NFTs for auction, rental, or buyout.

The governance token behind Kingdom Karnage is $KKT. The total supply of $KKT is 1,000,000,000 tokens, 10% of which will be used as in-game drops for players and 20% will be for rewards. Along with their play-to-earn model, the team promises to bring about new ways to earn that you have not seen elsewhere. To sum up, it is worth awaiting Kingdom Karnage’s upcoming IDO on Red Kite this month.

On January 12, 2022, Kingdom Karnage will hold their IDO for $KKT on the Red Kite launchpad. Follow our official communication channels to update the latest news.

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