LEND Giveaway

LEND Giveaway

Live Airdrops

🎉 CryptoTech DAO is thrilled to announce partnership with LEND Finance !!

LEND – A multi-chain lending protocol with real yield value extraction, from protocol, to holder.

🎁 Prize Pool: 30,000 $LEND Tokens + NFT For all voters from DAO Maker Voting !! 

🔥 1st Prize Pool — 1,000$ in $LEND + NFT for all voters from DAO Maker !! 

[Must Vote on Dao Maker , wallets will be eligible only if voted. More balance in Wallet will gets Bigger amount of $LEND



🏆2nd Prize Pool — 30,000 $LEND Tokens

✅[Vote on DAO Maker is Mandatory]

👬Top 1-10 Refs gets 300 $LEND Tokens

👫 Top 11-20 Refs gets 200 $LEND Tokens

👬 Random 1,000 gets 25 $LEND Tokens

More entries , more chances

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