Top Eleven NFT IDO Whitelist

Top Eleven NFT IDO Whitelist

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Top Eleven NFT IDO Whitelist

Dear community, on Nov 20th, BSCStation is happy to bring to you a new football game that gives you the chance to showcase your managerial abilities by allowing you to build your perfect football team.

Launching on the BSCStation Launchpad gives Top Eleven NFT access to valuable resources to jump-start the roll-out of their products.Ā 

For theĀ  IDO on BSCStation, there will be a fixed allocation of 33,333,333 tokens for purchase on BSCStation Launchpad exclusively for BSCS token holders at a fixed price of $0.0015 per token.

1. IDO details

  • IDO launch date: 20th November, 2022
  • Ticker: TOPE
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Initial Market cap: TBA
  • Price per TOPE: $0.0015
  • Total Raise on BSCStation Launchpad: $50,000
  • Swap currency: BUSD
  • Vesting time: Unlock 100% at TGE

*Note: Users need to stake at least 15,000 BSCS or BSCS LP via for IDO Guaranteed Allocation. BSCStation uses a tier model that requires users to stake at least 15,000 BSCS tokens or a required number of BSCS-BUSD/BSCS-BNB LP tokens to participate in an IDO.


Ā 👉 Each user staking at least 15000 BSCS will have an allocation of 100$

Ā 👉 All rounds of IDO are applied First come First serve format, and will be closed as soon as raising enough numbers

2.Ā  IDO Timeline

2.1 Staking and Whitelist registration

  • ✅ Staking Eligibility for IDO allocation deadline: 9 AM, 19th Nov 2022 (UTC)

2.2 Commit IDO Fund

  • ✅ Community FCFS Round Opens: 4 AM, 20th November 2022 (UTC)
  • ✅ Community FCFS Round Closes: 12 PM, 20th November 2022 (UTC)
  • ✅ BSCS Stake FCFS Round Opens: 4 AM, 20th November 2022 (UTC)
  • ✅ BSCS Stake FCFS Round Closes: 12 PM, 20th November 2022 (UTC)

2.3 Allocation Calculation

  • ✅ Final allocation: 1 PM, 19th Nov 2022 (UTC)
  • ⚠️The allocation calculation is complete. We will deduct the corresponding BUSD from your committed fund based on your final $TOPE allocation, then users can claim the remaining BUSD fund.

2.4 Claiming & Listing Schedule

  • ✅ Listing time: TBA
  • ✅ Token claim: TBA

3. Important notes:

  • Users can now refund tokens within 2 hours from the time at which IDO ends. For more information check:
  • Do not unstake your BSCS until you have finished claiming your IDO allocations
  • Please make sure that you have sufficient BUSD in your wallet and JOIN POOL on time
  • Restricted Region List: Botswana, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Democratic Peopleā€™s Republic of Korea, Republic of Seychelles, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Venezuela, Yemen, and the United States of America (herein ā€œProhibited Jurisdictionsā€).

5. How to join?

There are two rounds: Guaranteed round for BSCS holders who stake at least 15,000 BSCS, and Community round which opens for everyone without a minimum staking requirement.

Weā€™ll apply BSCStation’s Launchpad New IDO Format for IDOs on BSCStation from now onwards so kindly read the rules carefully via

  • BSCStation uses a tier model that requires users to stake at least 15,000 $BSCS tokens to participate. For further details, check out the link below:
  • Users who have NFT in Genesis in series Card will have IDO additional Pool Weight. Refer to this link for more information:
  • Community and Beginner Tier members (People staking less than 15,000 BSCS) must complete additional social media engagement tasks in order to be whitelisted for each IDO.

About Top Eleven NFT

🔸Top Eleven NFT is the play-to-earn Football Manager game. You can earn by training your players, playing PVE matches, Beat your opponents in random matches or win tournaments.

🔸Any football enthusiast wants to become a professional manager, wants the team to play their way to victory, that’s why Top Eleven NFT was launched. Users will lead their club to success, starting with bringing in new players and build their dream team.

🔸To participate in simulation matches, Users need a certain amount of Energy, if you win you will receive Tokens. Owning players with higher stats will make your club stronger and easier to win. Join Top Eleven NFT and meet other managers in your area or around the World, build your dream team and demonstrate your abilities!

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