LPI DAO IDO Whitelist

LPI DAO IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Whitelist Close: June 13th 11:00 UTC

We are pleased to start the month of June by announcing LPI DAO.One of the most exciting Index projects, a DAO-governed LaunchPad Index.

Whitelist open now: https://forms.gle/9fZSC5WWbPE4krrc6

Buy $CFi on Uniswap and Stake $CFi to participate: https://samurai.cyberfi.tech/stake-pad/cfi-stake

LPI DAO offers a unique investment opportunity to the market. LPI is the first of its kind — an index fund that capitalizes on the growth & success of the launchpad market. To the LPI DAO investors, the fund serves as both a great ROI and passive income generator which lets your crypto work for you.

LPI DAO is built on ETH and bridged to the BSC network. This however does not mean investments will be limited to these networks, but rather launchpads from various chains will be included to establish a wider footprint in the crypto space.

LPI DAO gains its value through its innovative launchpad index fund, which invests in launchpads, leveraging token holdings to access all private sales and IDOs hosted on the platforms. It is a single token for investors to earn and benefit from the success of its “basket” of prominent launchpads. Fund revenue is distributed equitably to maintain the fund while offering LPI token holders and potential investors an attractive ROI.

The IDO of LPI DAO will be scheduled as below:

Whitelist Open: June 4th 18:00 UTC

Whitelist Close: June 13th 11:00 UTC

IDO Opens: June 15th 11:00 UTC

IDO Closes: June 16th 11:00 UTC

Listing & Launch: June 17th 14:00 UTC

Samurai Claim: June 17th 14:15 UTC

Investing in LPI DAO

For investors who would like to be a part of multiple launchpads and IDO sales but cannot gain access, LPI DAO offers the unique opportunity to generate wealth and enrich the holders of the LPI token by taking maximum advantage launchpad “price action” and ROI from IDO sales.

Investors will earn through the profit share rewards program which will be available through staking. While offering Initial staking to earn high APY’s upon launch, the fund aims to implement burn mechanisms, NFT integration, and other rewards for the LPI community. The team will continue bringing new integrations to the project while taking the community’s feedback on proposed integrations through the DAO governance voting process.

In addition, LPI DAO will offer the market a Launchpad Index Token based on the best-performing launchpads. This offers investors bullish on launchpads a revolutionary opportunity to profit from the growth and success of the launchpads native tokens.

Token Metrics

Token Symbol: $LPI

Total Max Supply: 10,000,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 1,220,000

Initial Market Cap: ~$779,000

The use cases of the $LPI token

  1. The LPI fund is a DAO project & therefore the foremost use case is for the governance purposes such as decision making, fund resource allocation, investment options & various other aspects of the fund.
  2. Rewards program — the $LPI token will serve as a measure in terms of LPI token holding weight for the distribution of fund profits amongst the holders. When the rewards program is initiated, holders will earn from the funds profits as per the weight of their $LPI holding.

Additional task for Tier 1–4 in this IDO (NOT for Tier 5 and 6)
Tier 1–4 has to retweet the tweet in which this article is linked with the hashtag #SummerofSamurai to participate in the token sale!

The LPI Tweet: https://twitter.com/cyberfi_tech/status/1400874639438532608

Read more about the $CFi tiers for participation in our IDOs: Samurai Tiers.
There are several in the pipeline for June! 🐲⚡️

STAKING $CFi and Participating in Guaranteed Allocations IDOs:

When a project is looking to raise a significant portion of funds via Samurai, we can offer higher allocations, and guarantee them for each user that is staking $CFI or $CFI/ETH LP Tokens.

In the case of a larger allocation we see this being used for $600,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 + raises. One such case that followed this model was our previous IDO: Artx Trading. Which had an ATH of 20x.

Buy $CFi on Uniswap

Samurai $CFi Staking — https://samurai.cyberfi.tech/stake-pad/cfi-stake

In most cases there will be a cap on the amount of participants, or allocations will be equally reduced to allow every eligible staker to participate.

We will follow the above guidelines for allocations, and the $ size each participant will receive will be based on the Staking Outline. Actual $ Dollar amounts will be confirmed in the Introduction Article for each IDO project.

The Multiply amount shows the difference in the allocations for different tiers. “EXAMPLE if Tier 2 allocation is 100$, then Tier 5 allocation is 1000$. “

Again, each IDO project is different, so stating an exact $ amount isn’t possible in an overview guide, but the above outline should provide clarity in terms of allocation tiers based on the amount a user is staking.


About CyberFi: An Intelligent DeFi Automation Platform

CyberFi’s is creating an ecosystem on a mission to bring the DeFi 2.0 experience and add a new infrastructure layer through Automation.

V2 — Asset Management Platform. Users of our platform will experience zero-stress, automated DeFi trading, farming and yield generation, smaller fees, and tools for Impermanent Loss mitigation.

SAMURAI — a LaunchPad and StakePad Fusion. Bringing even more value to $CFi holders we are pushing a joint IDO and Staking Platform to automate the process of participating in launches of amazing projects, and for users to have a place for easy management of their Staking.

Website: https://cyberfi.tech/

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