MeanFi IDO Whitelist

MeanFi IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists


MeanFi is a user-friendly, self-custody, permissionless & trustless bank bringing crypto and DeFi to everyday banking workflows. We are building the bridge between TradFi and DeFi to onboard the next One Billion users onto crypto.

MeanFi gives everyday banking users the most amazing and simple DeFi experience on Solana with access to:

1) A simple exchange with the best liquidity markets

2) Users can execute DCA strategy to invest daily/weekly/monthly on their favorite tokens

3) Schedule automatic repeating payments for remittances and facilitate payroll for businesses and contractors

MeanFi is powered by the Mean Protocol, which provides the foundations for developers to bring TradFi workflows into their a DeFi apps. Mean Protocol Money Streams allow for fully-liquid, capital-efficient, streamable TVL across protocols, and act as an interoperability layer for the entire Solana Ecosystem.

Whitelist registration will open at here on 11 December 2021.

Money streams

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One time exchange

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Recurring exchange

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Roadmap (2)

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A seasoned team with vast experience both in IT, Software Engineering, Product and Crypto, with many years of working together like a well-oiled machine.

1) Michel T. – CEO: Computer Scientist & Serial Entrepreneur. Deep into crypto since 2011. Michel studied Computer Science, and is an investor and entrepreneur with two previous crypto ventures and exits. Over 15 years in tech, servicing startups and Fortune 500 companies. Michel handles strategy, roadmap, operations and leadership for the Mean DAO.

2) Eydel R. – CTO: Computer Scientist, distributed computing and security infrastructure expert. Eydel and Michel come together all the way from high-school, through university, and professional career. Over 15 years in tech, servicing startups and Fortune 500 companies. Eydel handles infrastructure, DevOps, security, blockchain engineering and smart contract architecture.

3) Yamel A. – Information Technology and Software Engineering. Working with Michel and Eydel for the last 5 years. Yamel brings over 15 years in tech, and have delivered applications across mobile, web and embedded systems for startups and enterprise companies. He leads all web development, blockchain client integrations, design, prototyping and mobile experience.

4) Maylin R. – Information Technology and Product Management. An early and active crypto enthusiast and investor. Maylin is the Kronos that keep things moving fast on the product side. With over 5 years of experience in tech and crypto, she manages the Product pipeline, releases, QA, integrations and documentation.

5) Yansel F. – Information Technology and Software Engineering. A seasoned enterprise architect with a newfound passion for blockchain tech. Yansel brings a wealth of knowledge with over 10 years in software, and 2+ in crypto. He’s in charge of backend systems integrations, blockchain smart contract development, and middleware development.


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70% Community & Rewards

20% Team & Advisors

10% Token Sale


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Token distribution

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