Meta DAO Guild Airdrop

Meta DAO Guild Airdrop

Closed Airdrops

Participate in Meta DAO Guild Community Airdrop and get a chance to win distribution of $10 000 in $MDGG

There are tree categories of winners

1000 random lucky winners will get $5 in $MDGG.
500 guranty winners who found and entered Secret Code – will be additional rewarded for $5 in tokens MDGG.
250 lucky who harvest the most entries will be additional rewarded for $10 in $MDGG.

All Airdrop participants will receive an invitation for our Scholarship to play popular NFT p2e games

Click here to register

See how to fill this form here
Guideles how to find Secret Code here

Winners will be announced via social after 15th of February 2022
Distribution will be automatickly during 14 days after TGE on your BEP20 wallet.