Midoland IGO Whitelist

Midoland IGO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

🙋Dear user, today we are happy to introduce with our community that on January 26th Midoland will be the next project IGO on KingdomStarter.

Launching IGO on KingdomStarter will give Midoland the opportunity to access to valuable resources from KDG’s ecosystem to develop their products in the game blockchain world 🚀🚀

👉For the IGO on KingdomStarter, there will be a fixed allocation of 5,000,000 MIDO tokens to purchase on KingdomStarter exclusively for KDG token holders.

Below are all the details, let’s check and mark your calendar.

1️⃣ MIDO token details

– IGO launch date: January 26th, 2022

– Ticker: MIDO

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000 MIDO

– Initial Market cap: $334,167

– Price: $0.01

– Total Raise on KingdomStarter: $50,000

– Swap currency: BUSD

– Vesting time: 25% TGE, then linear monthly vesting in 04 months

2️⃣ Midoland IGO Timeline

⚠️ Staking Deadline: 10AM, 25th January, 2022 (UTC)

👉 Stake at: https://stake.kingdomstarter.io/#/

❇️For Community IGO

– Community IGO whitelist starts: 8AM, 23rd January, 2022 (UTC)

– Community IGO whitelist finishes: 10AM, 25th January, 2022 (UTC)

– Community IGO whitelist winner announces: 2PM, 25th January, 2022 (UTC)

– Community IGO JOIN POOL Opens: 5AM, 26th January, 2022 (UTC)

– Community IGO JOIN POOL Closes: 1PM, 26th January, 2021 (UTC)

❇️For Guaranteed IGO

– Guaranteed IGO JOIN POOL Opens: 5AM, 26th January, 2022 (UTC)

– Guaranteed IGO JOIN POOL Closes: 1PM, 26th January, 2021 (UTC)

❇️After IGO

– Listing date/time: TBA

– Token Claim: TBA

– Vesting time: 25% TGE, then linear monthly vesting in 04 months

3️⃣ Social media interaction requirements

⚠️For: Community IGO and Guaranteed IGO tier: Star and Mercury

– Join Midoland group: https://t.me/Midolandp2e and subscribe Midoland Announcement: https://t.me/MidolandOfficial on Telegram

– Follow Midoland on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Midolandp2e

– Join KDG group: https://t.me/kdg_en and subscribe KDG Announcement: https://t.me/kdg_ann on Telegram

– Follow KDG on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KingdomGame_KDG

– Like + Retweet this post and tag 3 friends with the hashtags: #KingdomStarter, #KDG, #Midoland, #MIDO then shares the link in the whitelist form.

– Fill in the whitelist form (Star and Mercury tier do not need to fill in this form, only for Community round)


4️⃣ Important notes

– For community IGO, only stake in pool 3 with a minimum of 5,000 KDG and complete all required tasks.

– For guaranteed IGO, remember only stake in pool 1, pool 2 or pool 4 to be eligible to join guaranteed IGO.

– We will snapshot 24–48 hours before the IGO starts

– Do not unstake your KDG until you have finished claiming your IGO allocations.

– Please make sure that you have sufficient BUSD in your wallet and JOIN POOL on time.

5️⃣ How to join?

– There are two rounds: Guaranteed IGO for KDG holders who stake at least 100,000 KDG or 6,700 KDG-BUSD CAKE LP token at pool 1,2 or 4, and Community IGO which opens for KDG community with a minimum staking of 5,000 KDG at pool 3. You are free to choose which round you want to join.

ℹ️For further details, check out the link below:


– Join IGO at: https://kingdomstarter.io/launchpad

About Midoland

Midoland is an P2E NFT game concept in which players can design their own universe using unique NFTs housed on Blockchain technology.

The game scenario is inspired by the event of our entire world joining together to fight the global Covid pandemic. It is a war against harmful and dangerous viruses that attack the player’s territory. In addition, player also need to construct and develop the city to become wealthier so that they make more money in the future.

In addition to the usual features of a P2E game series (making money through getting rewards from battles or generating resources, etc.), Midoland allows investors and players to own real estate in the form of “Land Flipping”. That is, owning NFT lands in the game equates to holding the value of a piece of land in the real world. From there, players can hold and earn based on the future worth of the land.

It can be said that the value of the Midoland project does not come from the short-term P2E gaming trend which is trending in the market, but from the long-term vision and investment future of the project.

In particular, one of the factors that bring sustainable value to the project is real estate investment and trading — one of the most sustainable and successful investment channels over time.

The development of the NFT Land platform, which is linked to the value of land lots, will open up new investment opportunities for individuals with little investment funds all over the world.

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Kingdom Game 4.0 is one of the pioneers in the blockchain game market that helped to bring a game-changer to the gaming industry by transforming gaming from a mere pastime to a high-paying side hustle, or even a full-time job.

With the adaptation of the revolutionary blockchain technology, KDG is creating a brand new platform where there is an inseparable connection between game developers, gamers, and networks of distribution systems.

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