Moma Protocol Airdrop

Moma Protocol Airdrop

Closed Airdrops

With the smooth development of IDO and AMA activities, we have attracted a large number of users to join our Moma community, however, due to the market condition, we had to reschedule our IDO for the best interest of our community and shareholders. We know that you have been waiting patiently for Moma Protocol IDO announcement, and today we have officially announced the IDO details which will take place on July 6th. This is an important milestone for Moma Protocol in the new world of DeFi.

In order to thank you for your patience and support, we have decided to launch an airdrop activity.

Airdrop Rules

Moma Protocol will airdrop $5,000 worth of LC tokens to Moma community. 250 winners will receive the airdrop rewards ā€” LC tokens.

For 10 winners, each winner will get $100 worth of LC token rewards;

For 40 winners, each winner will get $50 worth of LC token rewards;

For 200 winners, each winner will get $10 worth of LC token rewards.

ļ¼ˆThe LC token price depends on the market price during distributionļ¼‰

The start date for Moma Protocol Airdrop is 25th June. The end date is 5th July 2021 at 23:59 PM UTC.

The winners will be announced on our official channels after the end of the activity.

Please note:

LC token is the platform token of Lichang, a partner of Moma Protocol, and it is currently available for trading; in addition, LC Token can be used to stake and mine in Moma Protocolā€™s Launch Pool to earn $MOMAT.

Introduction of Lichang:

Lichang is the no.1 go-to community start-up platform for digital assets. We have the largest number of active holders of cryptocurrencies. Lichang, as a reliable and highly influential community platform, maximizes the value of the connections between projects, influencers, and crypto users.

Lichang plays the role of community-based start-up and accelerator, using powerful community resources to help our partners to grow quickly. With our rich industry experiences and resources, we empower our partners and accelerate their growth in Mainland China.

How to participate in Moma Protocol Airdropļ¼Ÿ

To register for the Moma Protocol Airdrop, click the link below and follow all the steps: 👇


Please note:

Click the link provided above, register, and ensure you follow all the steps.

All Participants must follow all the official channels (mentioned in the link) for the entire duration of the airdrop to be eligible.

This event is just the beginning of our airdrop activities. In the upcoming days, we will unite more partners to carry out airdrop welfare activities for users in the Moma community. So please make sure you have followed us –

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