Mouse Haunt Whitelist

Mouse Haunt Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

The 3rd Whitelist is now open. Join now!

👉 Our 3rd Whitelist is open now: Click here to join our 3rd Whitelist!

Referring friends is the best way to increase your chances to win. Refer your friends!

The prices of the 3nd sale will be slightly higher compared to the 2nd sale. The guaranteed allocation for each person will be different.

More news coming soon! Stay tuned in our official communities so you donā€™t miss a thing!

Join the THIRD WHITELIST to acquire Mouse Haunt Tokens ($MHT) and Mouse Heroes!

Load your weapons and get ready to play Mouse Haunt – a new disruptive Play to Earn game. Here, you have fun while you earn!

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Official contract $MHT (BEP-20)