Synchrony IDO Whitelist

Synchrony IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Registration date: Nov 30th – Dec 2nd

Registration link:

Truly Decentralized Asset Management Powered by A.I & Analytics.

Synchrony is a state of the art decentralized asset management platform utilizing a sophisticated suite of analytics and machine learning algorithms to evaluate and optimize sets of on-chain instruments producing single-click solutions for diversified exposure to an ecosystem’s primitives. The core features powered by the platform are copy-trading and composable indices, both facilitated by a friendly Defi Farmer’s market – a place to interact with the whole Solana blockchain from one location. It sounds complicated but Synchrony Simplifies Defi with A.I.


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Copy-trading (1st on Solana, 1st fully on-chain)

Composable Indexes

In-depth Analytics (provided and curated by our Team)

User-First Intentionality

Community Centric – our Team will be present & active


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Roadmap is in phases:


Copy-Trading Alpha Test

Platform Launch

MVP: Main net launch of all Synchrony composed indices

Phase 1

Main net launch of copy-trading

Phase 2:

Cross-Chain Tooling

Main net launch of composable indices and tooling for cross-chain integration.

Phase 3:

Cross-Chain Deploy

Cross-chain Integration ETH/BSC/DOT

Background and backers

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Andrew Fraser

Founder & Chief Architect/Engineer

Andy Keh

Founder & Chief Analytics Engineer

Mohammed El Amine

Data Scientist & Software Engineer

Maurice Chalfin

Marketing, Communications, & Community

Souleimaine Chbani


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The SCY Token

SCY is the utility token for the Synchrony Ecosystem.

It’s use-cases include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Stake SCY to become authorised provider for indices – allowing arbitrage

– paying for subscription services or to cover subscription costs through staking

– staking is also used to validate a leader wallet for others to follow

– staking SCY to deploy indices

– staking SCY to be highlighted on Synchrony Leaderboard

– unlocking accolades and cosmetic upgrades

– limited governance

– accessing private chats and community specific perks

Token distribution

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Team 15.00%

Advisors 5.00%

Seed 3.00%

Private 12.00%

Public 2.50%

Ecosystem 12.00%

Community 6.00%

Reserve 5.00%

Liquidity 10.00%

Staking 29.50%