Nest Arcade IDO Whitelist

Nest Arcade IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Welcome to Nest Arcade x TrustPad Whitelist Competition

TrustPad x Nest Arcade | 100 x Winners – Guaranteed IDO Allocation

We are giving away a $50 allocation to 100 lucky winners for the upcoming Nest Arcade IDO on TrustPad! 🔥​​

Each winner will have a guaranteed opportunity to invest $50 in the pre-public round ofNest Arcade on TrustPad.

A total reward worth $5,000* 🔥

How to participate?

Simply enter your details, and follow the instructions at the form.

Every entry counts!More actions = more chances to win ✌️

Winners: 100 Allocation size: $50
Nest Arcade IDO starts: March 6th, 11:00 UTC on TrustPad
Click here to register
Good Luck!

Nest Arcade IDO Whitelist on Solanium

Nest Arcade is a platform built on Solana where users can play dozens of P2E games all in one place. Fuelled by $NEST

Nest will be the first ‘play to earn’ arcade app on the blockchain. The goal is to massively accelerate blockchain adoption through a remarkably simple app such as Netflix but for mini-medium scale games. Players will be able to own their in-game characters using NFTs and play them in a variety of Play To Earn games.

Nest will use their own SPL token ($NEST)

Earn $Nest Playing Games

Earn $NEST while playing casual games on the platform! $NEST is a tradable cryptocurrency built on Solana

  • On-Platform Rewards
  • In-Game Earnings
  • Purchase Digital Assets



Gauthier Michel

Gauthier is the co-founder, CTO and lead blockchain developer for Nest. Gauthier originally specialized in Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence and holds masters degrees from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Normale Superieure. He first worked as a quantitative trader before moving to the blockchain industry

Tye Howatt

Tye is the co-founder, CMO, lead brand and marketing strategist for Nest Arcade. Tye specializes in ABX (Account-Based-Marketing) for both B2B and B2C acquisition. Tye helped co-found 2x web2 marketing startups from 2019–2021 and is now full time in NFTs and blockchain gaming.



Nest Arcade has successfully raised $2.9M total with world’s leading ventures including Solanium ventures, Solar Eco Fund, AVG, Oddiyana ventures, Oracle Investment Group, Dutch Crypto Investors, Carl the Moon, Unilayer, Fishdao, NetVrK,, Orion Depp, and more


We are extremely proud to bring Nest Arcade to the Solanium community — sharing the best with our community.

We would like to once again remind our community that once you have successfully KYC’d in any of our IDOs — you can use the same wallet address to participate in subsequent Solanium project launches (without needing to do the verification process again)

We have also opened KYC for Tier 4 and 5 (Guaranteed Allocation) stakers — Go to the sidebar and click on Identity Verification

Nest Arcade — IDO Details

  • Token: $NEST
  • Price Per Token: 0.01
  • Number of Tokens: 40,000,000 NEST
  • Accepted Currency: USDC
  • Total raise in Public Sale: $400,000 USDC
  • Distribution: Vested — 20% TGE, 20% every month for 4 months

Nest Arcade — IDO Timeline (UTC)

  • Whitelist Start: Mar 2, 2022–12:00:00 PM
  • Whitelist Lottery Results: Mar 4, 2022–2:00:00 PM

== KYC for Whitelist Winners ==

  • Sale Start: Mar 4, 2022–2:00:00 PM
  • Distribution: Mar 8, 2022–2:20:00 PM

How to participate in whitelist for Nest Arcade

1️⃣ ️Whitelist Start: Mar 4, 2022–12:00:00 PM (UTC)

2️⃣ Go to

3️⃣️ Connect your Solana wallet

4️⃣ Connect your Telegram

5️⃣ Follow the tasks to increase your chance of winning the allocation

6️⃣ Participate in the Referral Campaign to gain the additional social ticket(s)

Social Pool

A percentage of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to the Social Pool.
You can collect Social Tickets by performing various social tasks such as Telegram and Twitter Tasks

Staking Pool

A large part of the to-be-sold tokens will be allocated to Staking Pool tickets.
You can only get Staking Pool tickets by staking SLIM or SLIM-LP tokens.
Increase your Staking Pool tickets by increasing your token stake or extending your lock time

Staking pool ticket is an estimation and the final snapshot will be taken at the time of lottery results

Please note:

  • Please beware of the fake bots sending you messages — Do check with our amazing CM’s for any suspicious messages
  • Always check the URL you’re visiting:
  • “the NEST tokens nor the transactions for them have not been registered under the Unites States Securities Act of 1933 and any related securities may not offered or sold in the United States or to United States persons unless registered with the Securities Exchange Commission or if a registration exemption is available”

Nest Arcade Socials (Beware of Scammers, Nest Arcade Team will not DM You for funds):


Solanium Socials:

Telegram Lobby:
Telegram Announcement Channel:

Nest Arcade IDO Whitelist on Oxbull



Value For Game Developers:

Value For Players And Community:

Tokenomics and Utility

For the Public IDO: (RESUMED)

Nest Arcade IDO Whitelist on MoonStarter (closed)

Dear Community,

We are happy to announce that Nest Arcade has selected MoonStarter as one of their launchpads for their IDO.

About Nest Arcade

Nest is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) arcade app running on the blockchain. Its goal is to massively accelerate blockchain adoption through a simple app such as Netflix but for mini-medium scale games.

Players will be able to own their in-game characters using NFTs and play them in a variety of P2E games.

In order to bring gameplay variety, Nest will launch dozens of high-end mini-games per year to be hosted on the app. Every new mini-game launched will bring a new audience of players and give the current users more game modes to engage with.

Nest’s main features for players are:

  • Staking: Locking playable NFTs and $NEST to earn recurring token rewards and benefits
  • Multiplayer Game modes
  • Tournaments: Compete with friends and others in games to win prizes, NFTs and tokens
  • Purchasable power ups: Enhance gameplay by purchasing power ups for specific game types using $NEST tokens
  • NFT High-scores: Mint your high-score as an NFT in real time

Running on Solana, the Nest Arcade token ($NEST). Its utility consists of:

  • In-game currency: Each in-app operation will be priced in fiat and payable in SOL or in $NEST. This double pricing is aimed to drive $NEST price dynamic
  • Staking: Holders will be able to stake their $NEST tokens to earn an APY and unlock additional benefit’s within Nest Arcade
  • Earnings: Users will earn $NEST tokens while playing games and using Nest Arcade products. To incentivize NFT ownership, players will experience a boost in earning when owning the relevant NFT
  • Purchases: Users trade $NEST to purchase digital assets and NFTS on the Nest Marketplace
  • Rewards: Users can earn $NEST through weekly platform rewards and bonuses along with other prizes, NFTS and more

For more details, please refer to the whitepaper HERE.


Token Metrics

  • Initial market cap excluding liquidity: $320,200
  • Read more about the tokenomics

IDO Details

  • Contribution chain: BSC
  • Distribution chain: Solana
  • Date: 02 March 2022 at 12 PM UTC
  • Price per token: $0.01; 20% at TGE, then 20% monthly
  • Total allocation: $100,000

How to participate ?

Please refer to our Medium article explaining our Tier System to get more info about our 2 paths to secure an allocation for Nest Arcade. In order to participate, you have to complete the Google Form HERE before February 28th, 2022 at 11:59 PM (UTC).

For The Galaxy Path, you will need to start staking MNST by February 26th, 2022 at 11:59 PM (UTC), at the latest.

Whitelist results will be published on March 1st at 1PM (UTC).

For The Competition Path, you will have to perform tasks of Gleam Competition. You can start by clicking HERE.

Important! You will need to hold at least 1000 MNST to qualify for the competition.

For both paths, KYC is required and you need to have it approved by February 28th, 2022 at 11:59 PM (UTC) — KYC Link HERE.

If you encounter any issue with your KYC process, please get in touch with our partner Fractal through one of the following channels:

  • Via email through
  • Via the live chat available on Fractal’s website
  • Via Fractal’s telegram channel

About MoonStarter

MoonStarter’s mission is to be the single-stop multi-chain launchpad for selected projects without distinction of the blockchain used. While the current project landscape is scattered and dependent on the blockchain used, MoonStarter aims to offer the possibility to launch on one or multiple selected blockchains, using only one token on the Binance Smart Chain.