Penguin Karts IDO Whitelist

Penguin Karts IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Penguin Karts IDO on Tartarus Finance

Gleam FCFS Whitelist for Penguin Kart IDO is now OPEN !!


We are thrilled and excited to announce the first IDO on Tartarus Finance — Penguin Karts on 22nd March at 5 PM UTC


To secure your whitelist spots, complete all the tasks in the Gleam campaign.

⏰ Hurry Up, campaign ends on 22nd March at 8 AM UTC

🚨 Important Note 🚨


  • Winners will shortlisted via a random lottery method
  • ONLY the whitelisted addresses will get the chance to participate in the Penguin Karts IDO.

Click here to register

Welcome to Penguin Karts x TrustPad Whitelist Competition (closed)

We are giving away a $50 allocation to 100 lucky winners for the upcoming Penguin Karts IDO on TrustPad! 🔥​​

Each winner will have a guaranteed opportunity to invest $50 in the pre-public round of Penguin Karts on TrustPad.

A total reward worth $5,000* 🔥

How to participate?

Simply enter your details, and follow the instructions at here

Every entry counts!More actions = more chances to win ✌️

Winners: 100 Allocation size: $50
Penguin Karts IDO starts: March 21th, 11:00 UTC on TrustPad
Good Luck!


TrustPad website:
TrustPad Telegram:

Penguin Karts IDO Whitelist on BullPerks (closed)

💥BullPerks is happy to announce Penguin Karts IDO!

Penguin Karts is a battle-racing 3D multiplayer game built on the Blockchain. It combines the best elements of arcade style kart racing, mobile gaming and Play-to-Earn NFT dynamics.


🥳 Get a chance to be whitelisted and receive a guaranteed Copper-Tier allocation during the IDO deal with Penguin Karts.

The IDO deal will take place on BullStarter.

🔗Penguin Karts Official Links🔗
 ❗️ N.B. Due to security considerations, the wallet addresses of winners won’t be disclosed. On March 19, all of the winners will receive a personal email from BullPerks with further instructions. They should answer the email as well as follow up in the Official Telegram Chat to confirm their participation in the deal. 

To participate in this contest, you should do the following:

1. Register on BullStarter and complete KYC
2. Complete ALL the tasks provided below at here

T&C’s: Due to compliance regulations, residents from the United States and OFAC sanction countries are not permitted to join this contest. The team is not responsible for any legal repercussions incurred due to the non-compliance of participants. Please consult the respective laws governing your region for the most accurate information. 

Penguin Karts IDO Whitelist on FantomStartet (closed)

It’s with great pleasure we announce Penguin Karts has selected to launch their Initial DEX offering on the Fantom protocol. All information pertaining to the project and upcoming IDO can be found in these guidelines. If you still have questions please read our updated FAQ.


  • Introducing Penguin Karts
  • Play2Earn
  • Ownership
  • Tokenomics + IDO Whitelisting & Pool Overview
  • Roadmap + Team

Introducing Penguin Karts

📣 Penguin Karts is a first-of-its-kind battle-racing + Play2Earn game. It combines the best elements of arcade-style kart racing, and Play-to-Earn NFT dynamics into a cohesive ecosystem that sees players rewarded for their skills and participation.

Penguin Karts is an exciting 3D battle-racing multiplayer game where you can gather in-game items to interfere with your competition and emerge victorious by taking the grand prize for crossing the finish line with the best time.


Players can race against each other earning NFTs along the way that can be used in-game or sold at the in-game marketplace. In addition, the platform’s player-friendly Tokenomics strives to create a sustainable NFT economy by facilitating the exchange of NFTs and other digital collectibles in the Penguin Karts marketplace.

Penguin Karts is a skills-based battle racing Play to Earn game. Where players take control of their Penguin driver, select their kart-skin and head to the race track. Races consist of four to eight players competing across a series of laps, armed with in-game power-up items to help them cross the finish line first and be crowned the winner.

Earn Active Income by Playing:

Drive to Earn: With an online 3D multiplayer world delivering new race tracks every 2–3 weeks drivers can put their skills to the test and race against each other to earn prizes. Penguin Karts aims to reinvent the gaming experience for users of all ages looking to have fun playing games while being able to earn crypto.

Passively through STAKING:

You don’t have to race to earn money if you don’t want to, you can also stake tokens and earn money while not participating in the game, or become a trader of skins/items which will hold value in their NFT marketplace.

You will be able to trade and win in-game NFTs while racing against your friends or foes. Not only through racing or trading NFTs but also by placing bets. Those that make correct predictions will reap the rewards in $PGK tokens!


Everything you earn and buy-in Penguin Karts is yours to own. That’s right — each skin/item is an NFT which means that they hold value and can be sold/bought in the Penguin Karts marketplace. Stay tuned for more news about the release of their marketplace during the Beta!

It’s quite a unique thing. The 2D and 3D NFTs minted on Ethereum can be staked in the contact. Then players can claim their rewards in-game with playable NFTs in the form of Loot Boxes on the Fantom chain. This transfer is made possible because both chains are EVM compatible.

What this does, is leverage the enormous user base and reach of the Ethereum ecosystem, while taking advantage of super low gas prices on Fantom and their active gaming ecosystem.

All without complicated bridges.

Players must race and battle one another while collecting and trading playable NFT assets like custom karts or unique characters.🕹💰

$PGK will power the Penguin Karts ecosystem and marketplace and can be earned through gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem, making the experience of earning cryptocurrencies more fun for users of all ages. 🏁👾


Built on Fantom (FTM) blockchain acting as Ethereum L2 ERC20. The Penguin Karts ecosystem is fuelled by a single medium of exchange — the Penguin Karts token represented by the symbol $PGK. This in-game currency is used for everything from giving out in-game rewards to trading NFTs and other digital assets on the platform. It combines entertaining and immersive gameplay with an NFT-based micro economy powered by the Penguin Karts token.

$PGK has a total supply of 200 million $PGK and is hard-capped at 1.3 million.

  • Total Fixed Supply is 200,000,000 tokens means no inflation
  • Very low seed & private investor rounds with the majority of fundraising going to the IDO round for the players.
  • Low Market cap of 117,600$ with a circ. Supply at the token launch of 2,940,000 PGK tokens.

IDO Pool Overview

Important dates:

  • Whitelisting is open from 27.02.2022 to 19.03.2022
  • Funding is open from 20.03.2022 to 22.03.2022 (TIME : TBA)
  • Date Lottery Announcement (not more than 24hrs) : 20.03.2022
  • Date claim tokens: 23.03.2022

Public Pool:

Users who enter Tier subscriptions with FS keys and those who enter Tiers 5 and above with $FS will receive a guaranteed allocation.

  • Funding cap: Public round: 100.000 USDC
  • Tokens for Sale: 2,500,000
  • Token price: 0,04
  • Token Ticker: $PGK
  • Payment Accepted: USDC
  • Claim tokens: 10% 30 min. after TGE — 1 Month cliff, Thereafter 5 months linear
  • Chain : Fantom (FTM)

FCFS Pool:

Stakers of an FS Key NFT, Stakers of FS Tokens in Tier 1 and above, FCFS FantomPass NFT owners are eligible.

  • FCFS funding date: TBD (At least 3hrs after the close of the funding phase.)
  • Tokens for Sale: Unsold in the Public sale. The individual cap is based on the number of participants.


The roadmap for Penguin Karts shows new tracks being added every 2–3 weeks with plans for around two dozen racetracks.

The team behind the game is made up of experienced professionals from a range of disciplines.

CEO Tommy Dahlberg

A lifelong gamer and blockchain enthusiast. He first got into crypto in early 2016 but was already messing around with the stock market at 20 years old, when he began his trading career. In addition, he brings with him SEO, design and management experience. He founded and led a Crypto-focused marketing agency as COO, helping blockchain-based businesses grow their communities, which saw him work closely with popular Crypto exchanges and over 100+ individual projects.


Brings with him a solid 10 years of marketing experience in the tech industry which inevitably lead him to the blockchain and has a career in social media going as far back as 2009. He has a long history of utilizing social media channels to drive traffic, engagement and brand awareness across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. He got into e-commerce a decade ago, and the introduction of NFTs and Web3 is a natural progression. You can hear more of his thoughts on Play to Earn games, NFTs, and Penguin Karts on a Little Late in Crypto.

COO Rhiannon “Ri Ri” Fletcher

She started with Atari in 1983, and her Telegram and Discord handle, Mistress Vegas is her old video game handle from the City of Heros, an MMORPG from 2004 that is now community-owned after spending 7 years underground when NCSoft took the game offline. The players were granted the rights to the game when the secret server was exposed and it’s now free to play for all. She’s got 25 years of sales, marketing and administrative experience, fell into blockchain in 2017 and immediately became part of the revolution.

Business Development Manager Mert

He has a passion for numbers, and although the youngest member of the team, interacted with crypto 10 years ago before any of the rest. He did so in a video game. He was not old enough to have a bank account, and the game allowed BTC payments and a teenage Mert convinced his father to buy some BTC for him so he could use it to make in-game purchases. So, fast forward to 2020 and he rediscovers crypto and builds a profitable trading bot, begins staking and accumulating, and now is advising projects on Tokenomics, and streamlining operations.

The development team are passionate gamers, who have an artistic flair that is already peaking through with the drop of the 2D NFT Genesis Penguins. Led by the Creative Director and Co-founder the team is excitedly working on the first racetrack, and the playable demo is on the way in spring 2022.

Iconic Design:

Penguin Karts has partnered with Fabwelt Gaming, a studio that is focused on integrating traditional video games, with DeFi components like play to earn, farming, and NFT artists, into the next generation of video games.

The Penguin Karts team is backed by a slew of industry veterans, investors and advisors. They are providing vital advice, strategic guidance and investment and helping the team bring their vision to life.


Oddiyana Ventures


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Important Reminder:

  • All investments are paid in USDC on the Fantom network and claimed on the FantomStarter app. If you are not interacting with the FantomStarter app during the funding phase then it’s a scam.
  • Users need to complete KYC with as soon as possible to participate in the event. Only the whitelisted addresses will be able to participate.
  • Complete KYC as soon as possible here.
  • Click here to find out how to move USDC over to Fantom.
  • Learn about the FantomStarter Tiers and NTF Keys here.

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