PiratesKing Airdrop

PiratesKing Airdrop

Closed Airdrops

PiratesKing Airdrop 500.000 PKT Token (~$20k)

PiratesKing is a pirate world simulation game on Blockchain platform, provides players with various characters, monsters and upgraded items while playing. Players can collect NFT, fight with monster to be rewarded.

Time: 00:00 UTC January 20 – February 06
Distribution: Right after listing

Total Airdrop Token: 500.000 PKT (Listing Price ~ $0.04)

3.500 lucky winners completing all missions: 125 PKT/Winner (~ 5$)
100 people with the most referrals: 625 PKT/Winner

5 lucky winners in top 100 referrals will get 1 BNB allocation/winner in our private sale



🌐 Website: https://piratesking.io/
🐦 Official links: https://linktr.ee/pirateskingnft