Privi Trax IDO Whitelist

Privi Trax IDO Whitelist

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Privi Trax ($TRAX)

👥 Privi is a decentralized app ecosystem with several web and mobile apps

🎵 The first app to launch will be Privi Trax – a decentralized Spotify meets Axie Infinity

🤯 Where listeners can participate in a money making machine while listening to the music they love 

💸 Musicians and artists take back control from the platforms (looking at you Spotify) and the Labels (Finallyā€¦) earning 3x per stream than Spotify 

🧑‍🚀 Privi Trax launches in September on both Web and Mobile 

🚀 Public sale of TRAX scheduled for:

Tuesday August 10th

💰 Market Cap at TGE: $17,500

🌎 Official Links: 






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