Strips Finance IDO Whitelist

Strips Finance IDO Whitelist

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  • Strips Finance is the first derivatives DEX to unlock fixed interest rates trading within the DeFi ecosystem.
  • The project is backed by, Multicoin Capital, Defiance Capital, among many others.
  • The STRP token sale will be conducted on the Polkastarter platform on Wednesday, 13th October 2021.
  • Whitelisting for Strips Finance IDO is now open.
  • Whitelisting closes on Friday 8th October at 10AM EST.
  • All participants must perform whitelisting and complete the steps explained in the article.

We are thrilled to announce the details of our upcoming IDO sale on the Polkastarter platform for the $STRP token. We would like to thank the community for the support and interest that we have received for Strips Finance.

About Strips Finance

Strips Finance is the next generation fixed interest rate exchange backed by Mechanism Capital,, DeFi Alliance and others. Interest rate markets are one of the largest unrealized opportunities in DeFi ($6.5 Trillion daily trading volume in TradFi). Strips Finance gives traders the ability to easily speculate on interest rates with very little capital up front. STRP Token is used as a component to stake in our AMM ecosystem which then rewards stakers with trading fees and other rewards. Our innovative Tokenomics is designed to build a robust exchange while simultaneously increasing token value.

Our vision is to accelerate the transition of finance towards a decentralised future as the DEX to trade interest rates. We have put together a first-class team of financial engineers, portfolio managers, and solidity developers to bring this dream to reality. We invite you to join us in our DeFi revolution.

👨‍🚀The whitelisting process for the sale is now LIVE! 👨‍🚀

👉Complete the whitelisting form

Whitelisting Details

Our whitelisting form is now OPEN!

Please ensure that you complete all the steps mentioned below:

Once all the required information is filled in, submit the whitelisting form.

🚀 More information on how to participate in a Polkastarter IDO.

Note the Following

  • All whitelisted entries will be verified for valid ERC20/BEP20 address, email and Twitter handles.
  • All whitelisted entries must hold at least 250 $POLS for 7 days until the whitelist and the IDO.
  • Bot entries will be automatically disqualified, please only apply once or you might get disqualified.
  • Once the whitelisting process ends, there will be a lottery draw of qualified users who will then be approved to do the KYC.
  • Participants who have not completed all the steps in the whitelisting form will be disqualified.
  • All whitelisted participants will receive an official email from
  • All whitelisted participants will have 3 days to complete the KYC process.

Please note that the citizens of the following countries have been excluded from the IDO: Afghanistan, Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, New Zealand, North Korea, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United States of America, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

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