Triall IDO Whitelist

Triall IDO Whitelist

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ANOTHER PREMIUM PROJECT FOR IDO🔥. We are thrilled to share the news that we are accepting applications for Triall IDO whitelisting on Prostarter launchpad 🤩. It’s going to be an exciting and energetic ride of joy for all of you 😀.

Whitelisting Application for Triall IDO

Ends: 21 September, 6 PM UTC

Live IDO Whitelisting: 22 September, 6 PM UTC

What is Triall?

‘World’s First Clinical Trial on Blockchain’

Triall is a blockchain project with high relevance within the current COVID-19 pandemic. The team is building a digital ecosystem for clinical trials: a ± $200 billion market that focuses on evaluating the safety and efficacy of new medicines before these can enter the market. Triall is bringing ‘web 3.0’ thinking to medical research by applying blockchain and related decentralized technologies to streamline clinical trials. This should accelerate the introduction of new vaccines and therapeutics into society. Triall houses a professional team of medical research experts and Ph.D. scholars, all focused on bringing transparency, reliability, and operational excellence to the emerging digital clinical trials environment

The Triall project will release a range of blockchain-integrated clinical trial software applications, collaborating closely with medical researchers that are working in clinical trials on a daily basis. Each of these software applications targets specific, industry-validated pain points. The common objective of these software applications is to improve data integrity, auditability, and task efficiency in modern-day medical research processes.

The first product by Triall, Verial eTMF, has been used by clinical trials since 2019. It is a blockchain-integrated clinical trial document management solution, which enables users to generate verifiable proof of the integrity of their clinical trial documents. This is a unique feature, specifically designed to mitigate the growing number of data integrity issues reported in clinical trials. The launch of Verial eTMF was credited as the world’s first application of blockchain technology in a real-world clinical trial. For more information and features about this revolutionary medical blockchain project, you may visit the Triall official website.

Triall IDO Details

  • Total Allocation: $100,000
  • Price per $TRL token: $0.2
  • Max individual allocation: $300
  • Min individual allocation: $150
  • 75% Allocations for $PROT Pool
  • 25% Allocations for Public Pool
  • The Triall project is built on the Ethereum network so winners will have to spend ETH to buy their $TRL allocation.
  • 25% $TRL tokens will be released on TGE whereas the remaining 75% will be released in 3 months (25% each month)

Those who have locked $PROT tokens for lottery tickets will have to select $PROT Pool whereas others will have to choose Public pool when filling the whitelist application form.

👑 Pro Kings will have one guaranteed allocation whereas other PROT holders will have to lock their tokens to secure a lottery ticket to have a chance of selection in IDO whitelisting. More tickets will bring more chances of selection in the IDO whitelisting. The lottery Ticket calculator can be accessed from your dashboard account on the Prostarter website.

Find out what is Prostarter Lottery Ticket system and how it works 👉

How to Apply for $TRL IDO Whitelisting

Here are the following requirements you need to fulfill in order to apply for Triall IDO on the Prostarter launchpad.

Important Information

Follow the important information regarding $TRL IDO Whitelisting.

  • No invalid BEP-20/ERC20 addresses, Telegram handles, or Twitter accounts
  • Entries by bots will not be accepted.
  • Entries with duplicate identities will be rejected.
  • Entries without following the required steps will not be accepted.
  • IDO Whitelisting for token $TRL will be held live on the Prostarter launchpad on 22 September, 6 PM UTC.
  • Once whitelisted, users will be given 24 hours to buy their allocation and to pass the KYC process.

About Triall

Triall is the world’s first organization to implement blockchain in clinical trials. They have a working commercial product, existing clients, and a revenue-generating business that they’ve been building since 2017. Combined, Triall’s team has managed 100+ clinical trials, established successful companies (both in the healthcare and software industries), and published 250+ academic papers about medical innovation, including in top-tier journals such as Science and Nature. Triall is motivated to bring the power of blockchain technology to its industry domain. Supported by an international partner and customer network, they build towards the world’s first blockchain-enabled digital ecosystem for clinical trial professionals. Triall is integrated with well-established public blockchains, and $TRL is an ERC20 token.

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