Universe Island IGO Whitelist

Universe Island IGO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Universe Island IGO Whitelist Open on RoseonPad

In order to be whitelisted and qualify for Universe Island IDO on RoseonPad, you need to fill the whitelisting form. The form is available at the link below.

Participate: https://forms.gle/jmpvnhPBKoShS7xX8

You will need to complete all of the following steps within the whitelist form:

1. Register Roseon Mobile App
2. Complete KYC Level 2
3. Stake or Hold at least 1,000 ROSN in Roseon App
4. Follow our Twitter: Roseon and Universe Island
5. Like and retweet our tweet.
6. Join our Telegram: Roseon and Universe Island
7. Submit the Whitelist form and wait for the whitelist result on December 23rd.

Completion before 10:00 December 22nd (UTC).

How to participate

All users of Roseon ecosystem must complete KYC requirements and be at least KYC Level 2 or higher in order to participate. RoseonPad comes with 2 rounds, the first round being for Roseon VIP Level 2 (or greater) users while the Public Round will be open to all Roseon users.

Participate in RoseonPad IAOs: a step-by-step guide

VIP Round

Users in the VIP round must be VIP Level 2 or higher and have completed at least KYC 2 in the Roseon App and must be whitelisted.

  • The higher VIP level, the higher the pool weight and the more tokens can be purchased.
  • Pool Weight is used to calculate the amount of available tokens for each level of VIP.
  • Your VIP level is indicated in your profile page in the app.
  • VIP level is computed on the last day of the previous month and is valid until the last day of the current month.
  • All unsold tokens from Round 1 will be carried over to Round 2 and so on.
Level Guaranteed Allocation Whitelist Requirement Pool Weight
Whitelist Random Must hold 1,000 amount of ROSN before IAO & complete social tasks 5
VIP 2 Yes Social tasks 10
VIP 3 Yes Social tasks 30
VIP 4 Yes No 50
VIP 5 Yes No 80

If the pool has 100,000 tokens $UIM, and we have the size of participants:
5 VIP 5, 10 VIP 4, 20 VIP 3, 50 VIP 2, 100 Lucky users in the whitelist
The combined of weight will be: 5*80 + 10*50 + 20*30 + 50*10 +100*5 = 2,500
Each share (ticket) can buy:100,000 / 2,500 = 40
Each VIP 5 can buy: 40*80 = 3200 token
Each VIP 4 can buy: 50*40 = 2000 token
Similar to others VIP level

How to become VIP users


Public Round

This round is open for all users who have completed at least KYC 2. The round will remain open until all tokens are sold.


Project Information

Project Name: Universe Island


Project Key Metrics

IAO Price 1 $UIM =  0.00021 BUSD
Allocation Round Start Time (UTC) December 23rd, 09:00:00 UTC
Allocation Round End Time (UTC) December 23rd, 13:00:00 UTC
FCFS Round Start Time (UTC) December 23rd, 13:05:00 UTC
Sale End Time (UTC) December 23rd, 16:00:00 UTC
Max Purchase Per Order in FCFS Round 20 BUSD per order (unlimited order per user)
1st Claim (UTC) TBA
Initial Market Cap $495,000
Initial Token Circulation 2,360,000,000
Vesting Schedule (Public) 20% at TGE and 4 months monthly vesting
RoseonPad 95,238,096


Universe Island

Universe Island is a sci-fi blockchain game that combines open-world TPS battles, ARPG, NFT collections, and crypto-token rewards. Unfold the story through the eyes of our main character and start exploring the open-world sci-fi-inspired islands. Spend energy and match against other elite players in a 1-v-1 battle of wits and strategy.

View a unique 3D gallery for the players’ NFTs within the game. Later down the roadmap, players will build bases on the island bringing in an authentic metaverse experience.

Website: https://universeisland.games/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_UNIVERSEISLAND
Telegram: https://t.me/UNIVERSEISLAND
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/hCBZu7M5Mq

Universe Islan IGO on Seedify

Hello, Seedify Community!

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Universe Island. Please join us as we learn more about the game and its IGO coming up on the Seedify Launchpad on December 23rd.

Universe Island

Universe Island is an exciting Sci-Fi themed 1v1 third-person shooting game-powered blockchain and play-to-earn technology. In Universe Island, players will be able to explore an immersive open-world metaverse, following an intriguing storyline, and play through detailed maps, meet exciting characters and engage in battles with other players for opportunities to win NFTs and token rewards.

Universe Island is set in a metaverse that consists of various islands and features engaging characters to explore and discover their secrets. Each island has its own unique mysteries and will be launched with an animated TV show to support its storyline.

The game story begins with a girl anime character lost and trapped on a volcanic island, needing to escape the ‘unknown.’ Although lost and frightened, her curiosity and need to learn more about the strange place she woke up in will lead her on a journey of discovery, unravelling the mysteries and purpose of Universe Island and introducing all the game characters along the way.

Modeled after traditional third-party-styled games, Universe Island presents an opportunity for millions of people who enjoy mobile games to step up their gaming experience through the power of play-to-earn game economics.

Players will be able to jump into an exciting and mysterious, ever-expanding metaverse featuring custom maps, each with unique terrain, features, and AI enemies. Gamers will have the ability to compete against other players, rise through the ranks and enjoy unparalleled play-to-earn opportunities and incentives.

At the beginning of a match, two or more opponents will be randomly spawned in a spot on the map. To achieve victory, players will need to take out their opponents while also avoiding or defeating AI-controlled enemies along the way.

Since matches will typically last around 5 minutes, gamers who don’t have excessive time to devote to game-play will be able to engage and enjoy the game at their convenience.

Universe Island will use a matchmaking algorithm driven by an ‘Energy Point’ system to match up against opponents with similar rankings and skill levels to compete and win lucrative $UIM (Universe Island’s native token) token rewards. Players will need to strategize to maximize their energy consumption and recharge times to maximize their gameplay.

On top of the guaranteed rewards, two treasures will be airdropped by UFOs, on the map in random locations, which players will have the opportunity to collect and unlock with a victory for a chance to win extra rewards. If a player collects a treasure but is defeated, their opponent will receive a portion (25%) of the possible extra rewards instead.

Players will be able to improve their gameplay skills through Open World mode, which will act as a training ground, with a shooting range and NPCs.

Endeavors into the metaverse in this game mode will not consume energy, allowing players endless opportunities to explore. As game development progresses, participants will have the ability to hang out and socialize with friends or even meet new people in the Universe Island metaverse.

Universe Island will include the specially designed 3D Infinity Collection NFT card series, which gamers will be able to acquire through staking $IUM, auctions or on secondary markets from other players.

The NFTs will feature five rarity levels, Normal, Uncommon, Rare, Unique and Legendary. They will be both highly collectible and function as valuable weapons and power-ups to enhance game-play and increase players’ chances of defeating their opponents. Gamers will also be able to acquire replicas of the Infinity Collection NFT series through the in-game market. Players will be able to display their NFT collection in an immersive 3D metaverse gallery.

Further Enhancements

Future game development will include daily and weekly quests and challenges, tournaments, special NFTs for loyal participants, the ability for players to build a home on a chosen island, along with many other community involvement-driven events.


The $UIM token will be the driver of the Universe Island metaverse ecosystem. $UIM tokens will be earned through participation in game-play, and farming/staking. Players will be able to use $UIM for in-game market purchases, with reduced fees. The tokens will also function as a governance token, allowing holders to participate in the future development and direction of the Universe Island metaverse.

Let’s take a look at the Universe Island IGO information and how SFUND token holders can acquire $UIM tokens through the IGO on the Seedify Launchpad before Universe Island’s listing on the public market.


  • Name: $UIM
  • Token Type: BSC
  • Total supply: 100 000 000 000
  • Initial Mcap: $495 600
  • Listing price: $0.00021
  • IGO Date: December 23
  • Allocation: $300 000 (including 5% success fee)
  • IGO Price: $0.00021
  • Vesting: 20% TGE, then 20% each month for 4 months

To learn more about Universe Island, check out the following links:

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In summary: Blockchain game projects can realize the initial offerings of their tokens on the Seedify platform. This enables blockchain game project owners to enjoy the advantages of the Seedify platform, while investors are able to access and invest in projects without any middleman.

First of all, you need to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Here, you can find a comprehensive guide for each and every step of the KYC verification process. After completing your KYC, follow this link.

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