World of Defish IDO

World of Defish IDO

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Following our latest incubation success with Metaverse & NFT projects Kryptomon and Space Sip, we are now excited to announce our third fully incubated project — World of Defish.

World of Defish is a Metafish Universe where every Item, Zone & Equipment is a profit-generating NFT for its owners. The project has a current market capitalization of $364,000 and you can find its pitch deck here.

For World of Defish, we will conduct four fundraising rounds on Poolz to raise a total of more than $1 million. You can see a detailed overview of the four fundraising rounds below:

1. NFT Sale

Zones are a unique kind of NFT in the World of Defish ecosystem that users can acquire to gain expertise in specific parts of the game. These Zone NFTs represent lands in the game and its owners have full rights over them. Poolz will conduct a sale of 330 of these Zones as NFTs.

Apart from its in-game utility, Zone holders will get a guaranteed allocation in Defish private sale that is scheduled to take place later in December on Poolz itself.

The NFT sale will be divided into 3 tiers:

a. Special: 30 Zones for Poolz GC.

Price: 15 BNB

Allocation in the Private round: 5 BNB

More details will be provided in our GC group.

b. Tier 1: 100 Zones for Poolz top 100 holders.

Price: 6 BNB

Allocation in Private round: 2 BNB

Register for the top 100 Zones here.

c. Tier 2–200 Zones for Poolz 100–300 ranking holders.

Allocation in Private round: 1BNB

You can register to get these zones here.

We also plan to use 10% of the total funds raised through the Zone NFT sale to buyback & burn $POOLZ, which will come to around $80,000.

2. Seed Round

The seed round allocation size will be worth $50,000 at a price of $0.009 per token with vesting of a 1-month cliff followed by monthly unlock over a 12-month period.

To participate in the seed round, you must be a member of Poolz GC, for which you must lock at least 20,000 $POOLZ tokens or more.

More details will be provided in our GC group.

3. Private Round

Coming to our third mode of raising funds for World of Defish, we will be conducting our private round with an allocation size of $350,000 at a price of $0.018. The private round allocation will have a vesting of 10% at TGE followed by a monthly unlock over a 12-month period.

You can participate in the private sale only if you hold a Defish Zone NFT. And all holders of the Zone NFT will get a guaranteed allocation of the tokens.

The final date for the sale is yet to be determined but it will be conducted in December.

4. IDO Round

Lastly, we will conduct the public round or the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for the tokens on Poolz. The IDO will have an allocation size of $150,000 at a price of $0.026 with a vesting model such that 20% of the tokens will be disbursed at TGE while the remaining will be distributed monthly over a 6-month period.

To be eligible for the IDO, you must hold more than 250 $POOLZ tokens to get a ticket. This will be followed by a lottery system and whitelisting as we follow for all other IDOs conducted on Poolz.

You can register for the IDO here.

About World of Defish

World of Defish is a decentralized NFT gaming universe running on BSC. We inspire to give our users a journey to the most beautiful and mysterious places to hunt for collectible NFT fish. It is a futuristic world with endless factions. Players can upgrade their equipment, improve their skills, buy territories, compete with other players, trade on the marketplace.

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About Poolz

Poolz is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform built on top of Web 3.0 infrastructure to assist crypto industry projects in raising funds before listing. Poolz Venture is an investment fund set up by the core team at Poolz to further build on the vision Poolz started with.





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