Defina Finance IGO Whitelist

Defina Finance IGO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Hello, Seedify Community!

Today, we are very excited to share more information on Defina.Finance. Please join us as we take a deep dive into the game to prepare for the upcoming Defina Private Sale (October 8th) and IGO (October 11th) on the Seedify Launchpad!


Welcome to an exciting world of heroic battles and play-to-earn opportunities! Defina.Finance is a new blockchain-based game that utilizes decentralized finance and NFTs, with a vision of introducing blockchain to millions of gamers through its play-to-earn opportunities. With the implementation of blockchain and NFTs, players will be able to own their in-game assets, buy and sell, and further monetize them through exciting PvP battles, PvP mining and PvE training.

In order to start playing the game, players will need to acquire Hero NFTs. There is a minimum of 4 heroes required to play.

Defina NFT cards feature 28 different heroes, each with unique background stories and skills, belonging to one of four factions; Prometheus’ Fire, Ouroboros, Thoth Book or Athena’s Aegis.

Heroes are randomly generated, with different rarity, attributes, skills and elements. The more rare or higher grade the hero is, the higher the initial attribute value, chances of obtaining better skill attacks and probability of having more or rare elements. The hero levels in descending class and rarity order are; SSS, SS, S and A.

These include; attack, health, speed, defence and critical hit, and are randomly generated. Players will be able to increase their heros’ stats through training by levelling up with Adventure mode or consuming Experience Potion.

Each hero will be minted with a unique set of skill attacks. Skill attacks are composed of 3 components; area of attack, which determines where the damage on the opposing target will be inflicted, amount of damage that will be done and an elemental bonus. If the hero’s elemental attributes match the elemental bonus during the attack, more damage will be achieved. Skill attacks will feature a special animation when the action is performed.

There will be multiple options to upgrade and improve heroes:

Players will be able to utilize mode and earn EXP points. Once the NFT reaches the maximum for a respective level, the experience points will automatically be converted to Experience Potion, which players can use to upgrade their character’s basic stats.

Resonance and Rebirth will also be available options to upgrade NFTs:

will require a primary and secondary hero, with the chances of enhancing the primary hero by replacing a selected element with a random one from the secondary hero. Utilizing the Resonance option will not result in your secondary hero being burned. However, the outcome of the process is random, and the results may or may not be satisfactory or as you intended. This feature will cost $FINA and there is a maximum limit of attempts. After reaching the max attempts, players need to use a special item to use the Resonance again.

With the option, players can refine their hero with the use of the in-game token, $FINA. Refining may potentially equip your NFT with new skills and elements, earned EXP and levels gained through training will be kept the same. Heroes have a set limited number of refining abilities; to perform any rebirth action beyond that, players will need to complete missions to earn Alchemy cards.

Battle Modes and Game-play

Defina will give players various options to play and earn through battles, with Adventure or PvE mode, PvP Arena mode and PvP Yield Farming mode.

Players will be able to battle NPCs and unlock new chapters in the game, earning tokens and EXP. This will consume energy, which has a set regeneration rate. Energy will be purchasable from the market but with set limits.

In this mode, players will be able to battle other players to earn tokens. To participate, players will need to assemble an attack and defence team. The attack and defence teams can be composed of the same heroes, or different heroes, depending on each player’s battle strategy to fight their way to the top of the leaderboard.

Players will be matched in battles by the system, using a rating mechanism. When in attack mode, players will need to manually search for matches, while in defence, your team will automatically battle when matched up and attacked. Attack mode consumes energy. Defence does not. Winning will increase your match score, and losing will decrease it, with the system pairing you up with other teams that are close to your score in subsequent battles.

Arena mode will consist of 45 day seasons, with the leaderboard resetting at the end of each epoch and the top 50 accounts receiving token rewards.

There will also be a quota set for each account during each season, although a limited number of extra battles may also be purchased using the in-game token.

PVP Arena Mode

Players will have the ability to enter and conquer mining pools to earn further rewards. The available mining reward pool sizes are; Mega, Large, Medium, Small and Micro. The level of the mining pool that can be accessed by a player, will depend on that player’s highest grade hero, with the Mega pool only accessible by holding at least one SSS-rated hero and the Micro pool being accessible with any hero. The higher-grade the pool, the greater the number of rewards that will be paid out.

To enter a newly discovered mining pool, players will need to battle monsters. If the battle outcome is successful, the player owns the pool, and their hero team needs to be staked in the mining pool to defend it and earn the pool rewards. Other players will be able to attack and attempt to steal the pool and subsequently will then earn the pool rewards if their foray is successful.

Players will also be able to use shields earned through participation in the game, which will protect their mining pool from opposing player attacks for a set time. Depending on how the shield was obtained in the game, this will determine the length of time that it’s effective for. A pool needs to be defended for at least three hours for a player to claim their rewards without a penalty.

Players will be able to stake their earned tokens in the mining pool to increase their earnings. Participation in daily quests or missions, like checking in or battling in the PvP or PvE modes, will give players further opportunities to earn.

PVP Mining Mode


$FINA, the in-game currency and driving force of Defina’s game economy, is a BEP-20 utility and governance token. All in-game actions, marketplace purchases and rewards, utilize, and are paid out in $FINA.

Along with yield farming and staking opportunities, $FINA will be required to purchase in-game items and invoke actions like hero upgrades, rebirths and purchasing more battle opportunities, etc.


The Defina team is planning on adopting a governance system, which will allow $FINA token holders to participate in the future direction and decision-making within the Defina ecosystem through DAO voting.

Defina.Finance Private Sale/IGO Quick Facts and How to Participate

Let’s take a look at how SFUND holders can gain early access to $FINA and the exciting play-to-earn opportunities offered through Defina.Finance by participating in the upcoming private sale and IGO offerings on the Seedify Launchpad.

  • $FINA
  • BEP-20
  • 100M
  • 1.3M
  • $0.40

Private Sale

  • October 8
  • $300K (incl.%5 success fee)
  • $0.20
  • 10% at TGE, then 10% Monthly for 9 months


  • October 11
  • $300K (incl.%5 success fee)
  • $0.40
  • 50% at TGE, then 50% in 1 Month.

How to buy and join an IGO

First time participating in an IGO? You can learn more about what an IGO is; HERE.

In summary: Blockchain game projects can realize the initial offerings of their tokens on the Seedify platform. This enables blockchain game project owners to enjoy the advantages of the Seedify platform, while investors are able to access and invest in projects without any middleman.

First of all, you need to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Here, you can find a comprehensive guide for each and every step of the KYC verification process. After completing your KYC, follow this link.

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