Bancambios IDO Whitelist

Bancambios IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Dexlab is proud to announce Bancambios Initial DEX Offering!

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We have interviewed Bancambios about their project. Letā€™s here it from Bancambios CEO!

What is Bancambios? Give us a little summary of it.

Bancambios is the first ESG-driven (Environmental, social and corporate governance) DeFi platform for Latin American and the world.

What brought you to where you are now? How would you describe the founding story of Bancambios?

The real-world problem is that the finance ecosystem is not connected to the worldā€™s sustainability. These days, $20 trillion trading volume by Centralized helps 0% on biodiversity. Moreover, the recent DeFi system faces various problems such as the difficulty of understanding, lack of ESG initiatives, no connection to the real-world, blockchain for good is forbidden, etc. Therefore, Bancambios suggest a solution in terms of ā€˜DeFi + Sustainability + Artificial Intelligenceā€™ with an automated contribution process to the environment, onboard eco-friendly communities, speed light trading programmable eco-finance. Persistence to solve real-world problems, the adoption of Bitcoin we saw the opportunity arising in Latin America. We initiated the project with the interest of making programmable finance that can bring help to humanitarian and pollution problems around the world.

For those that donā€™t know Bancambios, explain how you envision bancambios will contribute to the blockchain ecosystem as a whole?

The explosion of crypto in Latin American countries like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and other countries is both a real-world problem and the blockchain ecosystem.

Please tell us about your product? What makes the platform unique?

It has created an innovative Rangers Engine to support the development of NFT complex applications and a Rangers Connector to interconnector with various public chains and support asset cross-chain. Also, we are planning on ā€˜Cambioverseā€™ and ā€˜Institutional DeFiā€™ in Q2, ā€˜Bancambios Hackathonsā€™ in Q3, and ā€˜DAO Vaultsā€™, ā€˜Cross-Chain lendbookā€™ and launchpad on Q4.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Our Team has built different projects on Rust of financial institutions in Sweden, Finland. As well they have helped other Solana projects and blockchain infrastructure.

Roadmap for 2022?


Investors and Partners?


Initial DEX Offering Details

Timeline (UTC)

  • Whitelist Submission: March 22 15:00 UTC ā€” March 25 15:00 UTC
  • Result Announcement: March 26 15:00 UTC
  • IDO Participation: March 27 15:00 UTC ā€” March 30 15:00 UTC
  • Token Distribution: April 4th 15:00 UTC
  • Vesting schedule: 18% at the listing, then weekly releases over 3 months.
  • Market Listing: April 4th 16:00 UTC
  • Selection Type: Staked Ranking + Standard


  • Token Name: Bancambios
  • Token Ticker: BXS
  • Token Listing Price: 0.0084 USDC
  • Total Amount IDO sale (Hard cap): 300,000 USDC
  • Individual Cap: Please see here for your individual cap for staking rankers.
  • Pairing: BXS/USDC
  • Maximum Supply: 963,963,963 BXS
  • Initial Market Cap: 38,588,558 BXS (3.93% of total)

The Whitelisting Method

Staked Ranking Pool

This whitelisting will be using our staking system to qualify for the holding system. If you would like to participate in the white list, please complete the staking. Read all about our staking system here.

If you are in the ranking according to the staked quantity, you will get a guaranteed part in IDO sales depending on your ranking. It will follow the existing ranking system. If you do not stake, you will not be included in the ranking.

Standard Pool

If you participate in the standard pool but DO NOT stake, you will receive 1 ticket.

If you do stake your DXL, you will get 1 ticket per 100 DXL. The winning rate increases with the number of tickets you have. For example, if you have 5 tickets, you have a higher winning rate compared to 1ā€“4 tickets holders.

After applying with your wallet to the whitelisting, the quantity available for you to purchase will be displayed next to your rank. It will not appear in the ranking immediately after participating.

Step by Step Whitelisting Process

The process begins here.

Step 1: Follow Bancambiosā€™s Twitter and quote retweet their pinned tweet by tagging two friends and including the hashtag

  • #Dexlab #bancambios $DXL $BXS #IDO #whitelist
  • Enter your Twitter Quote RT link.
  • Note: Your Twitter must be a public account.

Step 2: Join the Bancambios and Dexlab telegram channels.

Step 3: Comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth by us.

  • Note: the following information will be needed to complete this application.
  • SPL address, Telegram ID, Public Twitter account

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Dexlab reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend, change or cancel this event at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.
  • Users need to complete all steps of the process to be eligible to participate in the IDO. They also need to be from an eligible jurisdiction to participate in this token sale.

Please make sure that your action is compliant with the relevant regulations within your jurisdiction. Dexlab and UncleMine will not be held liable for any legal repercussions that result from your participation in our whitelist event.


Furthermore, residents of the following regions countries will be automatically banned:

Afghanistan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Congo (Democratic Republic), Cuba, CĆ“te dā€™Ivoire, Eritrea, Fiji, Guinea Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Lao Peopleā€™s Democratic Republic, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macau, Myanmar; North Korea; State of Palestine, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, United States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.