Sugar Kingdom Private Sale Whitelist

Sugar Kingdom Private Sale Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Sugar Kingdom Private Sale Whitelist is Open on CheersLand

Greetings, CheersLanders !! It’s a privilege to introduce Sugar Kingdom ($CANDY) as our newest Private Sale.

The greatest method to provide our community the best chance to buy tokens at the best price is to hold a Private Sale. The total raise with the Sugar Kingdom private sale is up to $35,000.

In the Post Private Sale Stage, CheersLand and Sugar Kingdom will continue their strategic alliance, resource sharing, and cooperation.

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Private Sale Details

⏰Private Sale Date & Time: March 24th,08AM — 11AM UTC for FCFS Whitelisted Pool and 11:30AM — 02:30PM, UTC for Public FCFS
🔆 Pool Type: FCFS Whitelisted Pool (10x allocation per ticket, see below for details) + Public FCFS (no whitelist required, anyone can buy)
📷Snapshot: 24 hrs. before Private Sale
⏰Listing Date & Time: To be announced
📍Private Sale site:
💰Price per $CANDY: $0.09
💎Initial Market Cap: $350,400.00
📅Vesting: 6% at TGE, 4 months cliff, then 12% per month
🚰Cheers Private Sale Pool Size: $35,000.00
🔀Swap Currency: BUSD

How to be whitelisted?

The total Private Sale Pool size is $35,000.00 (388,888 $CANDY). The main rules regarding the allocation rights are as follows:

90% allocation to CHEERS stakers + Grand CheersLand NFT holders

5% allocation to Top 25 Gamers in CheersLand Games (75 users in total)

5% allocation to Gleam Winners, click here to join Gleam competition

👉Make sure to read our CheersLand’s latest IGO and Private Sale Tier System Announcement to learn about Eligibility rules, Tier levels, Allocations and more!

FCFS Whitelisted Pool : Those who have earned the privilege to invest by staking our $CHEERS, Grand CheersLand NFT Holders and the winner of our Gleam Campaign. At this point, a 10x allocation per ticket will be implemented.

Public FCFS Pool : If anything from first pool is left this pool will activate. No access needed toward

⭐ Funds will be opened to $CHEERS Tier-Holders with 10x Allocation Rights on FCFS basis at the FCFS Whitelisted Pool stage.
⭐Public FCFS Pool will be open 30 minutes after the FCFS Whitelisted Pool closes, remaining funds from the first pool will be made available to everyone through the Public FCFS Pool, with a maximum purchase of $300 per wallet. No whitelist required for this pool.
⭐To be an eligible Staker, users need to Buy and Stake at least 5,000 $CHEERS in the New IGO Whitelist Pool as per the recently announced Tier System
⭐Gamers’ Allocation (5%) will be divided among the Top-25 Ranked Gamers of Crypto Pirates, Click Click and Mathcing Ranking Lists
⭐The Snapshot for Qualified Stakers/Top Ranking Gamers will be taken 24 hours before private sale and the gleam campaign ends at 09:59:59AM, March 23th UTC

New Tier System

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About Sugar Kingdom

Sugar Kingdom is a match-3 play-to-earn metaverse where players can play for rewards, stake, purchase NFTs, participate in tournaments and more.
The Sugar Kingdom game is similar to Candy Crush Saga and consists of a free-trial system. With an easy-to-learn and brief and exciting gameplay, the Sugar Kingdom game is suitable for any type of player. The game has 3 modes: sweet mode (PvE), duel mode (PvP) and savage mode (PvP with bets). The game is scheduled to launch 3 weeks after the TGE.

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About CheersLand

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