Defactor Zendit Whitelist

Defactor Zendit Whitelist

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Despite its exponential growth, the DeFi industry remains largely confined to speculative tokens creating great volatility in the crypto and DeFi markets. In order to achieve mass adoption, DeFi needs to increase market cap, market penetration and stability. The clear solution for this problem is to onboard real-world assets to DeFi liquidity pools.

Onboarding real-world assets on-chain creates enormous value for all participants as it diversifies risk and opens up the industry to practically unlimited markets. Defactor is bringing the next evolution of DeFi with asset-back lending which will be the catalyst that will unlock countless opportunities. Also, Defactor is giving traditional businesses access to DeFi as a viable alternative source of funding.

Investors in liquidity pools benefit by knowing that the money they place into pools is backed by tangible, physical assets. With physical asset collateral, Defactor is one of the first projects to bridge the gap between firms looking for financing and DeFi liquidity providers who are looking to earn secure asset-backed yields.

Through Defactor’s platform, asset originators from around the world can tap into a network of DeFi liquidity pools in order to acquire financing for their businesses. Defactor is looking to kick off their growth by launching their $FACTR token as an ERC-20 token on ZENDIT!

Defactor is getting ready to ZENDIT!

What is Defactor?

  • Defactor offers a pipeline of real-world assets that can be used as collateral in DeFi. The $FACTR token is designed to incentivise ecosystem growth and align incentives. Its utilities include access to the platform’s services, staking, governance, and more.
  • The Defactor platform maintains an ongoing registry of KYC checks, asset tokenization engine, fund management system, transaction history, oracles, and more.
  • Every deal on Defactor will have a deal risk calculator, which provides an analytics scorecard of deals, including risk-weighted valuation.
  • All real-world asset originators (RWAO) will be given access to a portal once approved for financing. This will allow them to manage the assets they send for funding.
  • Defactor will use its funding manager to maintain and regulate the deal flow to different funding pools, track concentration limits, debt ceiling, and other parameters.
  • The rollout strategy for Defactor includes incorporating invoice financing, trade finance, inventory finance as part of Stage 1. In Stage 2, we expect to add luxury goods, finance real estate, and digital assets.

Round Tier and Terms

  • Public Round Tokens
  • 3 month vesting: 25% at TGE, then 25% unlock each month
  • Sale conducted on BSC

Defactor ZENDIT Pool Details

  • Token Ticker: $FACTR.
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Total Raise Amount: $100,000.
  • Raise Conducted on: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Available Tokens: 1,428,571 $FACTR
  • 2 Pools: Tier 0, Private Sherpa Pool.
  • Asset Pool Pair: BUSD
  • USD Token exchange offering Price: $0.07

Participation Tiers

Sherpas will be eligible to enter the highest participation tier they qualify for on a per-wallet basis. Each individual wallet may only participate in one Sherpa tier and will also automatically be able to participate in the public tier if they qualify.

Applicants can hold or stake ERC-20, BEP-20, or Polygon OM. Supplied OM refers to OM supplied on ZENTEREST or zenOM. Staked OM refers to OM staked in our staking contract or sOM.

Our participation tiers for ZENDIT from highest to lowest are:

Tier 0 OLYMPUS MONS — Supplying 188,000 OM

  • Total Pool Allocation Amount: $20,000

Tier 1 EVEREST — Supplying 50,000 OM

  • Max Allocation Amount: $1000

Tier 2 ACONCAGUA — Staking/Supplying 40,000 OM

  • Max Allocation Amount: $800

Tier 3 DENALI — Holding/Staking/Supplying 30,000 OM

  • Max Allocation Amount: $600

Tier 4 KILIMANJARO — Holding/Staking/Supplying 15,000 OM or holding a “100M OM Staked” NFT

  • Max Allocation Amount: $400

Tier 5 ELBRUS — Holding/Staking/Supplying 8888 OM or holding a MANTRA DAO PolkaPet.

  • Max Allocation Amount: $200

Participation Tiers & Instructions

  1. Join the Defactor Telegram community:
  2. Follow MANTRA DAO and Defactor on Twitter: &
  3. Like the official announcement tweets about the Defactor token launch (on both the ZENDIT and Defactor Twitter pages) and also retweet these tweets!
  4. Final step, complete this entry form before November 7th 12 PM UTC

After the whitelist closes on Sunday, November 7th 12 PM UTC, we will be randomly picking a limited number of Sherpas for each tier who will have access to the pools and will be announcing the winners’ ERC-20 wallet addresses via our Twitter and Official News, and Announcements on Monday, November 8th 12 PM UTC

Please note that even if you are randomly selected to access the pool this does NOT guarantee you have an allocation and you will need to act fast to take part in the pool!


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About Defactor

Defactor is an easy-to-use integration and risk management platform to effortlessly control your DeFi investments. It features a simple to use application to authenticate and onboard assets, allowing for cryptocurrency and FIAT bridging; connection to liquidity pools; protection through insurance; along with strong governance and community support.

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