Sator IDO Whitelist

Sator IDO Whitelist

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Before we begin, let us introduce Sator!

Sator is a decentralized application designed to scale and expand linear content (Television, Film, Music, Streamers) to a more immersive content engagement experience. Audiences are incentivized by social utility token rewards (SAO) and content-based NFTs in the Sator dApp marketplace. Content creators, producers, and content rights holders simultaneously grow audience and global reach. Sator Network (SAO) runs on Ethereum and Solana, utilizing Wormhole bridge for bidirectional transfers and cross-chain interoperability. Sator contributes to the ecosystem as a whole by pioneering NFT utility in traditional media/television/film/music content and by incentivizing centralized rights holders to diffuse value throughout the ecosystem.

Sator addresses the greatest pain points in content: viewership growth, viewer engagement, subscribership growth & retention. Plus, Sator is the first mechanism to align the interests of content viewers and distributors by rewarding them both for their respective contributions. Sator also pushes NFT innovation ahead by embedding show-specific NFTs with extremely unique utility, profile-display features, and experiential relevance. Sator is building a content engagement metaverse — the Satorverse.

Sator Team?

Sator’s world-class team of 20+ includes top engineering talent, designers, marketers, to name a few.

Sator Founders met at Consensus 2017 and immediately bonded over the future of blockchain. In the years that followed, ideas and research were shared. A group of television producers asked the Sator Founders “how blockchain can help grow and retain viewership” and that catalyzed early thinking about how Sator unlocks potential at the intersection of content and crypto.

Sator Future Plan?

Sator beta is still going on for about 1 more week if you’d like to practice earning and using testnet tokens. Plus, all beta users will receive an airdrop as Thank You upon the conclusion of beta/launch of mainnet. Sator mainnet dApp launches around 11/7. Mainnet launch onward, Sator users earn crypto for engaging with content. Major TV, film, and music partnerships announce — a handful in Nov, then dozens in January.

For more information about SATOR, please visit the SATOR website or check out their whitepaper. If you would like to know about the team and its leadership, please visit this link.

SATOR Tokenomics?

Now onto the details of the event! Below you will find the information about this whitelisting event. Please read all steps carefully, and make sure to follow them all.

Initial DEX Offering Details

Timeline (UTC)

  • Whitelist Submission: Nov. 1st 15:00 UTC — Nov. 4th 03:00 UTC
  • Result Announcement: Nov. 4th 15:00 UTC
  • IDO Participation: Nov. 5th 10:00 UTC — Nov. 6th 15:00 UTC
  • Token Distribution: Nov. 7th 00:00 UTC –
  • Market Listing: Nov. 7th
  • Selection Type: Ranking + Standard (See below for details)


  • Token Name: Sator
  • Token Ticker: SAO
  • Token IDO Sale Amount: 2,300,000 SAO
  • Token Listing Price: 0.044 USDC
  • The total amount for IDO sale (Hard cap): 101,200 USDC
  • Available amount for each individual (Personal cap): It shows beside your rank.
  • Pair is fixed to SAO/USDC
  • Total Token Supply: 500,000,000 SAO

The total token sale amount depends on what each project decided to use in the IDO sale. Therefore, Dexlab strives to provide the maximum benefit to many investors when we allocate the amount to each rank. So please check the white paper and tokenomics of the IDO project. After participating in the whitelist, the quantity available for you to purchase will be displayed next to your rank. It will not appear in the ranking immediately after participating. Because the daily snapshot information update is reflected every 00:00:00 UTC, as so, the ranking is updated every 00:30:00 UTC.

The Whitelisting

This whitelisting will be using the new system we have unveiled. To read more about it, click on this link and find out.

Step by Step Whitelisting Process

Process begins here:

Step 1: Enter your Email.

Step 2: Enter your date of birth

Please enter your birthday in YYYY/MM/DD format. If entered incorrectly, it may be excluded from the winning list.

Step 3: Make sure you have the required Solana wallet.


  • Please check out our tutorial for setting up a wallet right here.

Step 4: Follow Dexlab Twitter and retweet the pinned tweets by tagging two friends including the hashtags

Step 5: Follow SATOR’s Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet by tagging two friends and including the hashtag

Step 6: Join the SATOR and Dexlab telegram channels.

Step 7: Comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth by us.

Step 8: Fill out the whitelist application form on the Dexlab platform.

Note: the following information will be needed to complete this application.

  • Email Address, Name, SPL address, Birthdate, Telegram ID, Twitter account, Country of Residence

Please make sure that your action is compliant with the relevant regulations within your jurisdiction. Dexlab and SATOR will not be held liable for any legal repercussions that result from your participation in our whitelist event.


Furthermore, residents of the following and regions countries will be automatically banned:

Afghanistan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Congo (Democratic Republic), Cuba, Côte d’Ivoire, Eritrea, Fiji, Guinea Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macau, Myanmar; North Korea; State of Palestine, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, United States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.


  1. Is DXL holding and IDO tier applied to this IDO?
  • Yes, please review the section about it by visiting this link.

2. How many people will be selected as IDO winners?

  • The amount will depend on how much each participant purchases.

3. How do I know if I have been selected to participate in the IDO?

  • You can check it on the ‘IDO.’

If you are curious about other aspects of the project, you can check all the resources below. Any question you have, you may contact Dexlab or SATOR! We are happy to assist you in any way.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Dexlab reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend, change or cancel this event at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.
  • Users need to complete all steps of the process to be eligible to participate in the IDO. They also need to be from an eligible jurisdiction to participate in this token sale.