TrustFi Dual IDO Whitelist

TrustFi Dual IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

⚡️ How to participate in the upcoming TrustFi IDO on TrustPad & BSCStation , June 7th 🚀

❇️ Total supply: 100,000,000 $TFI
❇️ Initial market cap: $400,000
❇️ Tokens available for public sales (IDO): 1,250,000 $TFI for each platform
❇️ Price per $TFI: $0.08
❇️ Total Raise on each Launchpad: $100,000
❇️ Swap currency: $BUSD

🔥Details for BscStation IDO👇

✅ Staking Eligibility for IDO allocation Deadline: 8AM UTC, June 06th
✅ BSCS Round (Guaranteed Round) JOIN POOL Opens: 7AM UTC, June 07th
✅ BSCS Round (Guaranteed Round) JOIN POOL Closes: 2PM UTC, June 07th
✅ Community Round (FCFS Round) JOIN POOL Opens: 10AM UTC, June 07th
✅ Community Round (FCFS Round) JOIN POOL Closes: 2PM UTC, June 07th
✅ TFI token Claim: 30 mins after listing
✅ Exchange Listing: June 07th (TBA)
✅ Vesting: No vesting, unlock 100% at TGE

🔗👉 Users need to stake at least 1500 $BSCS via for IDO Guaranteed Allocation

Note: If you dont have BSCS, pls SWAP HERE


🔥Details for TrustPad IDO 👇

Three different ways on how you can participate in the TrustFi IDO;

🚀 1. Stake $TPAD for Guaranteed Allocations
🚀 2. Stake $TPAD for Lottery Allocation (10鈥50% odds)
🚀 3. Join the Public Whitelist Competition (not mandatory for $TPAD Level Stakers)

$TPAD Levels here: 👉

👉 Join whitelist competition here:

Read more about TrustFi here:


⭐️ Basic Metrics
Ticker: TFI
Blockchain Network: BSC
Token Supply: 100M

⭐️ Follow us:
All details and LitePaper:

⭐️ Addition:
路TrustFi IDO Protocol code audit report supported by certik
路BSC Grant at Hackerlink:
路Recorded by Polkaproject:

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Since the announcement of IDO, TrustFi has received many supports from communities, influencers and VCs. We are very grateful. TrustFi will list dual IDO on BscStation and TrustPad on June 7th. In response to several issues of concern, important announcements are as follows:

Timeline of IDO on June 7th

– 16:00: IDO starts. $TFI contract address announced. Beware of scams.

– 17:30: Listing and Liquidity Pool created. Link will be shared to communities and channels. Beware of scams.

– 18:00: IDO contributors can claim their tokens from the launchpad.

In order to push the listing process, TGE has to be launched in advance. We will announce $TFI contract address in the official channels at the time of IDO tomorrow for protecting users. Please remember that all the previous announcement of contract addresses are fake. Beware of scams.

For the construction and development of TrustFi Ecosystem, we have some powerful backers and influencers in TrustFi for long-term. Therefore, we will refund some private investors to leave available allocation to bring powerful backers in. Thank you for your understanding.

Some of our users are actively contributing to the promotion of TrustFi and awareness. Including writing articles, creating videos, posters, GIFs, AMA, etc., and forwarding TrustFi鈥檚 tweets and articles as well as managing communities, which helped build Arabic community, Vietnamese community and Korean community. This is an important rudiment for TrustFi community to promote DAO governance. All contributors will obtain the necessary incentives.

As the budget of this year, 25% of ecosystem growth in TrustFi tokenomics will be used for the following purposes:

A) To encourage users who have made important contributions to TrustFi ecosystem.

B) The expenses and marketing payment in listing of CEXs.

C) Other necessary brand marketing expenses.

The above usage will be publicized to the community and under the supervision of the community.

Big Events about TrustFi in June:

1) launch TrustFi staking platform beta named 鈥淭FI More鈥 to earn more $TFI, and launch Node Campaign (needs to take $TFI).

2) Announce the establishment of 鈥淭rustFi Ventures鈥 as well as the participation rules of LP and GP.

3) launch S-IDO(Self IDO) channels and products for the community(needs to take $TFI).

4) Further expand the Arabic community, Vietnamese community and Korean community, and start to build Japanese community, etc..

Thank you for your attention and support. In the construction of Web 3.0, TrustFi will never slack off and insist on making surprises. Communities or individuals with energy are welcome to join us.


⭐️ What鈥檚 TrustFi:
TrustFi Network is committed to provide decentralized BaaS solutions for DeFi market based on multichain environment, focusing on early crypto assets issuance, liquidity management, community activities and DAO governance.

⭐️ Backers onboard:
AU21 capital, X21 digital, Dutch Crypto Investors, Gains Associates, JRR group, Fairum Ventures, Pluto Digital Assets, Regain Ventures, AVstar Capital, Space Capital,, KoinSaati, Trader Square Fintech, ZCRYPTOMAGIC, Ferrum Network, Bepro Network, WhitelistIDOs, etc.