Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

Are you ready to become a virtual landowner? Do you want to plant your flag in a brand new VR metaverse? Well, you’re in luck. As part of Phase 2 of Netvrk’s land sale, MANTRA DAO will now be supporting the distribution of land NFTs. This is a groundbreaking event for our platform and we are proud to offer our Sherpas a chance to own their very own stake in the Netvrk Metaverse.

In addition to governance, land ownership will bring with it other utilities, such as revenue sharing. Specifically, landowners will be granted a share of all revenue generated by the Netvrk Marketplace. This is a big step forNetvrk’s “Play to Earn” model, providing landowners with a larger role in the overall Netvrk ecosystem, just one of many ways to capitalize.

Netvrk is getting ready to ZENDIT!

Kicking things off, we are really looking forward to launching Netvrk’s NFTs land parcels as ERC-721 tokens! Here are some dates:

This marks the first time an NFT launch will be supported on ZENDIT. So, if you are interested in participating, make sure to read this blog article carefully to understand exactly how it will work!.

What is Netvrk?

  • Users can buy, sell, and trade land, which is held in the form of NFTs. Transactions of these NFTs can be performed in-game or by using a third-party site such as In addition to being able to rent, lease, or sell land, landowners can use an in-game toolset to modify their purchased terrain and build structures.
  • As the Netvrk metaverse develops, virtual land plots will serve as bases for users, where they can create, build, and deploy everything from storefronts for eCommerce, to self-made games, as well as interactive and educational experiences. In addition, users can use these spaces to host a social event, a company meeting, or an interactive demonstration.
  • Land ownership will also be used as part of the governance model for Netvrk, giving both a voice and governance rights to stakeholders. As a free and open society, Netvrk believes its community serves an important role in shaping the current state of its virtual world and its future.

Netvrk breakdown of parcels

Netvrk Virtual Land Map Key

Netvrk Virtual Land Isometic View

Round Tier and Terms:

  • All Virtual Land will be claimable via Netvrk’s website by ZENDIT participants. All Virtual Land will be vested for a two-month period. All the lands bought in the IDO will be tradable via the OpenSea platform

Netvrk ZENDIT Pool Details

  • Token Type: ERC-721
  • Total Raise Amount: $199,500
  • Total Available Tokens: 105 Standard Land NFTs | 55 Medium Land NFTs | 10 Large Land NFTs
  • 3 Pools: Standard Land Pool |Medium Land Pool |Large Land Pool
  • Asset required to participate: BEP-20 BUSD
  • USD Token exchange offering Price: Standard Land NFTs:$650/parcel | Medium Land NFTs:$1750/parcel | Large Land NFTs:$3500/parcel

Participation Tiers

Applicants can hold or stake ERC-20, BEP-20 or Polygon OM. Supplied OM refers to OM supplied on ZENTEREST or zenOM. Staked OM refers to OM staked in our staking contract or sOM.

Our participation tiers for ZENDIT from highest to lowest are:

Tier 0 OLYMPUS MONS — Supplying 188,000 OM & Tier 1 EVEREST — Supplying 50,000 OM

  • Eligible to enter: Standard Land Pool, Medium Land Pool, Large Land Pool

Tier 2 ACONCAGUA — Staking/Supplying 40,000 OM & Tier 3 DENALI — Holding/Staking/Supplying 30,000 OM

  • Eligible to enter: Standard Land Pool, Medium Land Pool

Tier 4 KILIMANJARO — Holding/Staking/Supplying 15,000 OM or holding a “100M OM Staked” NFT & Tier 5 ELBRUS — Holding/Staking/Supplying 8888 OM or holding a MANTRA DAO PolkaPet.

  • Eligible to enter: Standard Land Pool

If Medium and Large land plots remain unsold after 1 hour, the pools will be opened up to eligible Tier 4 & 5 participants.

Instructions for Whitelisting

  1. Follow MANTRA DAO and Netvrk on Twitter at: &
  2. Like the announcement tweet of the Netvrk token launch on ZENDIT and on the Netvrk Twitter page and also retweet it!

4. Final step! Complete this entry formbefore Tuesday, September 7th, 12 PM UTC.

After the whitelist closes on Tuesday, September 7th, 12 PM UTC, we will be picking a limited number of Sherpas at random from each tier who will have access to the pools. We will be announcing the winners’ BEP-20 wallet addresses via our Twitter and Official News, and Announcements on Wednesday, September 8th, 12 PM UTC.

Please note that even if you are randomly selected to access the pool this does NOT guarantee you have an allocation and you will need to act fast to take part in the pool!


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