Plutos Network Airdrop

Plutos Network Airdrop

Closed Airdrops

Plutos Community Airdrop: Round-1As our special thanks for the great support from Plutos Network community, we are now giving away a total of 100,000 PLUT tokens in 2 rounds of Airdrop Events!Ā 
The Round 1 of Plutos Community Giveaway Event is now live.🎊

  • Plutos Community Giveaway Event has a total ofĀ 2Ā Rounds
  • 250Ā winners will be selected in thisĀ Round 1


  1. All steps are mandatory. Users shall register and complete all steps listed below.Ā 
  2. You will be able to provide your BEP-20 address to receive Airdrop reward only after you complete all the mentioned steps.Ā 
  3. We reserve the right to cancel fraudulent entries.

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