QANplatform IDO Whitelist

QANplatform IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

We are proud to announce that TrustPad will co-launch, QAN, a revolutionary energy-efficient quantum-resistant blockchain platform, on June 1st.

QAN is code agnostic, allowing developers and enterprises to build decentralised software applications in their preferred coding language, and start running business processes on the blockchain within 5 minutes.

QANplatform is 100x faster than Ethereum and is the fastest blockchain to deploy to cloud platforms like Amazon AWS or Linode.

QAN uses lattice cryptography, making it resilient to quantum attacks, which all major blockchain networks will be vulnerable to within the next 5 years.

According to Gartner, in 2021, 90% of current enterprise blockchain platform implementations will require replacement within 18 months to remain competitive, secure and avoid obsolescence. QAN tackles this problem head on with it’s post-quantum cryptographic algorithm.

With it’s rapid cloud platform deployment, Proof-of-Randomness consensus algorithm implemented in Rust programming, QAN is able to provide a quantum-resistant solution.

The QAN team consists of cryptography experts, developers, business specialists and advisors that have worked in companies and projects like PwC, IBM, Deutsche Telekom, Uber,, Ethereum, Monero and Zcash.

We are excited to continue working with QAN and launch their revolutionary platform on TrustPad on June 1st.

How to participate in QANplatform IDO on TrustPad:

Three different ways on how you can participate in the QAN IDO.

  • 1. Stake $TPAD for Guaranteed Allocations
  • 2. Stake $TPAD for Lottery Allocation (25–50% odds)
  • 3. Join the Public Whitelist Competition (not mandatory for TPAD Level Stakers)

QANplatform IDO on TrustPad: June 1, 2021

Public Whitelist Competition:

Whitelist Start: May 29, 2021 13:00 UTC

Whitelist Close: June 1, 2021 13:00 UTC

Whitelist Winners Announced: 12–24 hours before IDO starts.

Join whitelist here:

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