PolkaPlay IDO Whitelist

PolkaPlay IDO Whitelist

Closed IDO & IGO Whitelists

PolkaPlay is continuously forging ahead to evolve into the ultimate platform for users to create content and NFTs to earn rewards. A platform where users can seamlessly create, mint, tokenize, and share their talent with the world, is what we aim to be.

After receiving immense love and support from our community and some of the prominent investors of the crypto space, like AU21 Capital, Blocksync Ventures, Genblock Capital, MXC, and more, PolkaPlay is all set to conduct the PolkaPlay IDO on Poolz Finance and BSC Station.

The IDO will allow our community members to own a stake in our platform and reap its benefits. Therefore, we call on all crypto enthusiasts to partake in the massive multi-platform IDO!

PolkaPlay IDO on Poolz

We are exciting to announce that Polkaplay, will conduct its IDO on Poolz on July 27th 🥳

➡️ https://twitter.com/poolz__/status/1416821385209520131?s=21

➡️ In order to join the Whitelist:

Please make sure you file the next steps:

  1. Go to app.poolz.finance
  2. Connect your wallet (BSC Chain)
  3. Search for ”Polkaplay” tab
  4. Click on the” Details” button
  5. Click on ”Join Whitelist” button
  6. Confirm the transaction on MetaMask.

✅ Your wallet will be part of the lottery system.

PolkaPlay IDO on BSC Station

The BSC Station Launchpad provides PolkaPlay access to valuable resources and immense community reach to showcase our products. BSCS holders can stake in the PolkaPlay $POLO IDO to get a chance to become a whitelist winner.

PolkaPlay IDO date will be announced later.

Fill the form to join: https://bit.ly/3uM8jBP

Read more: https://bscstation.medium.com/ido-announcement-polkaplay-will-launch-ido-on-bsc-station-launchpad-on-june-10th-b7f083482b0b

Eligibility Criteria:

About PolkaPlay

Polkaplay is a unique platform where users can create images, short videos, and NFTs seamlessly while earning rewards. It is an NFT Marketplace with social features that enables users to create content, NFTs, and earn rewards with $POLO tokens. Users can buy and collect content they like or mint content as an NFT and sell on PolkaPlay.

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