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Solster Public IDO Whitelist

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We’re thrilled to announce that Solster Public IDO whitelisting process is now live. Continuing on the trail of our private sale, we now present public IDO on Solster IDO Launchpad. Staking Program Launch — Available after $STR token distribution on 9/23/2021. BitMart listing on 9/24/2021 10:00 AM (EDT).

The project has received great support and excitement from the communities, and the much anticipated public sale is now one step towards getting the $STR token out there in the hands of the community.

👉 Whitelist form:

Solster Public IDO will be available at on Monday, 20th September at 7:00 AM UTC. Ensure you use a PC for a smooth purchase.

Public Sale — Important Details

  • $STR Public Pool Token Price:
  • Minimum Participation:
    200 USDC (Solana Network)
  • Maximum Participation:
    TBA (It will be decided based on the number of whitelist users.)
  • Pool Cap: $260k
  • Acceptable Solana Wallets: Sollet, Coin98 Wallet, Phantom Wallet
  • Who is Eligible:
    All whitelisted candidates.
  • FCFS (First come first serve) investment pool for whitelisted candidates.
  • Vesting Period:
    30% unlocked on TGE. 10% each week linearly thereafter.
  • KYC: Not required.

Whitelisting Details

Our whitelisting form will close on Friday, 17th September at 1:30 PM UTC.

How to get qualified for the Solster Public Investment Pool?

To get whitelisted for the Solster Public Investment Pool, you need to fill up the form.

👉 You can find the whitelisting form here,

Then click on “Whitelist Me” button,

The form requires you to,

And in the last, submit your whitelist form — Mark Eligible.

Note: Our team may verify all the whitelist entries.

Solster will do annoucement about the whitelist check. Participants just need to connect their wallet with Solster Ecosytem to check their whitelist status.

Demo video: How the whitelist process works at

We take pride in being transparent, and to provide a fair launch, we will reject all the entries that have not completed all of the above steps. Furthermore, duplicate entries will also be eliminated.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

❗️ Please beware of the fraudsters and fake addresses. ❗️

❗️Solster team will never DM you to ask about other details or information.❗️

❗️$STR will be available after Public IDO at BitMart.❗️

❓️ Do you have any questions?️❓

For more information regarding the IDO and $STR token, join the official Solster Telegram account,

Welcome to Solster

Solster Finance is an ecosystem that helps investors to diversify their decentralized finances (DeFi).

Solster ecosystem incorporates,

  • IDO Launchpad for Solana projects,
  • Decentralized exchange (DEX) for crypto trading,
  • DeFi swap,
  • Lottery platform,
  • Token staking,
  • Token vesting.

🎁 $STR: A Launchpad Token With Unrivaled Utility,

Token Economics of Solster

Have a glance at Solster’s Token Economics and locking mechanism.

Token Information

  • Type: SPL Token on Solana
  • Token Name: Solster
  • Token Ticker: STR
  • Total Supply: 100M
  • Token Price: $0.065
  • Fundraising: $1.36M
  • Full Dilution Value: $6.5M
  • Future Mint: Supply fixed future Minting disabled

Token Allocation, Distribution, and Locking Period

  • 15% — Ecosystem Development
  • 4% — Seed Investment
  • 22% — Private Sale. 10% unlocked on TGE. 10% each week linearly thereafter.
  • 4% Public Sale, 30% unlocked on TGE. 10% each week linearly thereafter.
  • 3% Advisor & Partners. 1 month cliff. 10% each month linearly thereafter.
  • 17% — Team. 3 months cliff. 10% each month linearly thereafter.
  • 20% — Marketing and Rewards. 1 month cliff. 10% each month linearly thereafter.
  • 14.50% — Liquidity. Fully unlocked for liquidity requirements.
  • 0.50% — Launch Rewards. Fully unlocked for community engagement.

Please have a glance at the following for more information about Solster:

We are among the first IDO launchpad for Solana projects to have implemented an automated token claim process and Decentralized KYC.

👉 You can find the whitelisting form here,

We wish you all Good Luck!